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Gothic Time at Highland!

Some people bring the mountain to Mohammed.  I brought the Gothic to the Highland Library.  Ian and Sean had my classic demo game, here are some highlights:

The setup: a classic Cruiser Clash.

First blood to Sean: the Imperials let loose a wave of torpedoes!

The ordered battle lines descend into a furball.

Ian gambles and loses: the Carnage class cruiser with the Chaos Lord stays too long after being crippled, and explodes!

Ian's Chaos gets a thrashing, and withdraws; victory to Sean and the Imperium!

...while they were experiencing Gothic for the first time, Rob and I played Space Marines vs. Tau Kor'or'vesh.


Mission: The Bait

Location: Outer Reaches

Pursuers: Bozeman - Azure Flames Space Marines

-Strike Cruiser Vigilance, Extra shield

-Strike Cruiser Sacrifice, Extra shield

-Strike Cruiser Duty, Extra shield

Pursued: Rob - Tau Kor'or'vesh Shan'al Shi'ur Commerce Protection Fleet

-T'au Lar'shi'vre Shi Kais "Protector" class cruiser, T'olku configuration (PURSUED SHIP)

-T'au Lar'shi'vre Aloh Shoka "Protector" class cruiser, Vior'la configuration

-T'au Il'porrui Sh've Mont're "Emmisary" class light cruiser, Sa'cea configuration

-T'au Il'porrui M'yen Lar'shi "Emmisary" class light cruiser, Sa'cea configuration

-J'karra La'rua, "Mirror squadron" consisting of 2 Kir'shashvre "Castellan" escorts



Turn 1 - Tau Shan'al Shi'ur

The Shi Kais turns and launches fighters and missiles.

Turn 1 - Azure Flames

All three Strike Cruisers go on All Ahead Full, launch Thunderhawk gunships.

Turn 2 - Tau Shan'al Shi'ur

A squadron of the Protector Aloh Shoka and Emmisary Sh've Mont're comes on from the board edge, launches fighters and missiles.  A lucky shot removes a wave of Thunderhawks.

Turn 2 - Azure Flames

Sacrifice Reloads Ordnance while Vigilance and Duty go on All Ahead Full again.

Turn 3 - Tau Shan'al Shi'ur

The newly arrived squadron takes up station by the small planet.  Failure to reload prevents more launching.  Turn not pictured.

Turn 3 - Azure Flames

Vigilance boards Shi Kais while the other strike cruisers provide support fire.  Despite help, a poor boarding roll loses the fight, as Tau Battlesuits storm the Vigilance, doing one damage.

Turn 4 - Tau Shan'al Shi'ur

Emmisary cruiser M'yen Lar'shi and J'karra La'rua Castellan Squadron arrive, damaging Duty.  Squadron by the planet damages Vigilance with battery and lance fire.  Turn not pictured.

Turn 4 - Azure Flames

Duty lines up and boards Shi Kais.  Despite poor support from the other strike cruisers, a good roll causes four damage, crippling Shi Kais.

Turn 5 - Tau Shan'al Shi'ur

Shi Kais disengages.  The rest of the fleet damages Duty and cripples it.  Turn not pictured.

Turn 5 - Azure Flames

Duty disengages.  Vigilance reloads ordnance and severely damages M'yen Larshi with an amazing torpedo roll.  Sacrifice boards the Sh've Mont're and causes one damage.

Turn 6 - Tau Shan'al Shi'ur

Unable to get targets in their sight if they move, the Castellan Squadron goes on Burn Retros and turns on a dime.  M'yen Lar'shi disengages.  The capital ship squadron damages Vigilance, causing a Bridge Smashed result!  Turn not pictured.

Turn 6 - Azure Flames

Sacrifice Reloads Ordnance and blows up the Castellan squadron.  Vigilance tried to disengage, but fails.

Turn 7 - Tau Shan'al Shi'ur

The capital ship squadron tries to finish Vigilance, but Vigilance barely survives.

Turn 7 - Azure Flames

Vigilance disenages.  Sacrifice reloads ordnance and smashes the Sh've Mont're with torpedoes and Thunderhawks.  Poor torpedo rolls spare the Aloh Sho'ka.

Turn 8 - Tau Shan'al Shi'ur

Squadron, having braced for impact, can't damage the Sacrifice.

Turn 8 - Azure Flames

Sacrifice reloads again.  Torpedoes and Thunderhawks cripple the Aloh Sho'ka, and fire from batteries and Bombardment Cannons reduce Sh've Mont're to a drifting hulk.  Game ceded.


Stay tuned next week, as more players have requested Gothic!  Plus, stay tuned for more Tau ships painted!

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