Some people bring the mountain to Mohammed.  I brought the Gothic to the Highland Library.  Ian and Sean had my classic demo game, here are some highlights:

The setup: a classic Cruiser Clash.

First blood to Sean: the Imperials let loose a wave of torpedoes!

The ordered battle lines descend into a furball.

Ian gambles and loses: the Carnage class cruiser with the Chaos Lord stays too long after being crippled, and explodes!

Ian’s Chaos gets a thrashing, and withdraws; victory to Sean and the Imperium!

…while they were experiencing Gothic for the first time, Rob and I played Space Marines vs. Tau Kor’or’vesh.


Mission: The Bait

Location: Outer Reaches

Pursuers: Bozeman – Azure Flames Space Marines

-Strike Cruiser Vigilance, Extra shield

-Strike Cruiser Sacrifice, Extra shield

-Strike Cruiser Duty, Extra shield

Pursued: Rob – Tau Kor’or’vesh Shan’al Shi’ur Commerce Protection Fleet

T’au Lar’shi’vre Shi Kais “Protector” class cruiser, T’olku configuration (PURSUED SHIP)

T’au Lar’shi’vre Aloh Shoka “Protector” class cruiser, Vior’la configuration

T’au Il’porrui Sh’ve Mont’re “Emmisary” class light cruiser, Sa’cea configuration

T’au Il’porrui M’yen Lar’shi “Emmisary” class light cruiser, Sa’cea configuration

J’karra La’rua, “Mirror squadron” consisting of 2 Kir’shashvre “Castellan” escorts



Turn 1 – Tau Shan’al Shi’ur

The Shi Kais turns and launches fighters and missiles.

Turn 1 – Azure Flames

All three Strike Cruisers go on All Ahead Full, launch Thunderhawk gunships.

Turn 2 – Tau Shan’al Shi’ur

A squadron of the Protector Aloh Shoka and Emmisary Sh’ve Mont’re comes on from the board edge, launches fighters and missiles.  A lucky shot removes a wave of Thunderhawks.

Turn 2 – Azure Flames

Sacrifice Reloads Ordnance while Vigilance and Duty go on All Ahead Full again.

Turn 3 – Tau Shan’al Shi’ur

The newly arrived squadron takes up station by the small planet.  Failure to reload prevents more launching.  Turn not pictured.

Turn 3 – Azure Flames

Vigilance boards Shi Kais while the other strike cruisers provide support fire.  Despite help, a poor boarding roll loses the fight, as Tau Battlesuits storm the Vigilance, doing one damage.

Turn 4 – Tau Shan’al Shi’ur

Emmisary cruiser M’yen Lar’shi and J’karra La’rua Castellan Squadron arrive, damaging Duty.  Squadron by the planet damages Vigilance with battery and lance fire.  Turn not pictured.

Turn 4 – Azure Flames

Duty lines up and boards Shi Kais.  Despite poor support from the other strike cruisers, a good roll causes four damage, crippling Shi Kais.

Turn 5 – Tau Shan’al Shi’ur

Shi Kais disengages.  The rest of the fleet damages Duty and cripples it.  Turn not pictured.

Turn 5 – Azure Flames

Duty disengages.  Vigilance reloads ordnance and severely damages M’yen Larshi with an amazing torpedo roll.  Sacrifice boards the Sh’ve Mont’re and causes one damage.

Turn 6 – Tau Shan’al Shi’ur

Unable to get targets in their sight if they move, the Castellan Squadron goes on Burn Retros and turns on a dime.  M’yen Lar’shi disengages.  The capital ship squadron damages Vigilance, causing a Bridge Smashed result!  Turn not pictured.

Turn 6 – Azure Flames

Sacrifice Reloads Ordnance and blows up the Castellan squadron.  Vigilance tried to disengage, but fails.

Turn 7 – Tau Shan’al Shi’ur

The capital ship squadron tries to finish Vigilance, but Vigilance barely survives.

Turn 7 – Azure Flames

Vigilance disenages.  Sacrifice reloads ordnance and smashes the Sh’ve Mont’re with torpedoes and Thunderhawks.  Poor torpedo rolls spare the Aloh Sho’ka.

Turn 8 – Tau Shan’al Shi’ur

Squadron, having braced for impact, can’t damage the Sacrifice.

Turn 8 – Azure Flames

Sacrifice reloads again.  Torpedoes and Thunderhawks cripple the Aloh Sho’ka, and fire from batteries and Bombardment Cannons reduce Sh’ve Mont’re to a drifting hulk.  Game ceded.


Stay tuned next week, as more players have requested Gothic!  Plus, stay tuned for more Tau ships painted!

By Bozeman

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