Visited my peeps at the Highland Library.  A battle report to follow, but I thought I’d do a separate post to highlight the fantastic games going on during their Planetary Empires campaign.  But first, a former colleague of mine, Dominic brought Space Hulk 4th Edition.  Four new missions, a better hourglass, and other extras!

Here, Dominic engages in a Marine vs. Marine 3500 point battle with the same player he played in Space Hulk above.

Chaos clashed with Blood Angels in a huge melee.

Finally, all of the other members of the club got into a multi-player frenzy with at least six players!  It started at 1pm and showed no signs of stopping at 6:30!

Next: a battle report for my game at Highland, complete with fluff!  Stay tuned!

By Bozeman

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