Ups and downs, strikes and gutters.

December 27, 2014
27 Dec/14

Haven’t been updating, but I want to take this opportunity to turn that around.  New year’s resolution: at least one update every two weeks.  Battle reports are going to be sparse, but I’m hoping to have a big one after this Tuesday when I’ll be going back to my old stomping grounds: the Highland Library.

But, anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to.  Had some games at AFK, lost both, and lost the pics for the second one.  I’m a bit out of the 40K meta.  Here are some highlights of me getting my ass kicked by the Space Wolves.

This Ironclad Dreadnought got immobilized with a lucky shot and stood still, ignored, all game.

Thunderwolves are basically unstoppable.  A full team of Sternguard unloaded their Grav shots on them, killed one and wounded two.

Five Terminators got whittled down to two by a Tactical squad.  My librarian charged them in a futile effort to take them out.  It turns out Power axes go last.

The whole game went like that.  For some reason I don’t even have a picture of the boat of an aircraft that popped all my Rhinos and blew up half my troops.  It was a good game though.

Anyway, I’ve got games at Highland coming up, gonna get back to work on my Tau fleet, and a HUGE update to the Gothic guide!

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