We had two battles this week.  I faced off against Rob’s Imperial Navy Bastion Fleet in an escalating engagement, and Josh’s Tau tried to slip past newcomer Matt’s Necrons in a Convoy.  Battle reports will be shorter, as these were shorter battles.


Escalating Engagement – Azure Flames Space Marines vs. Imperial Navy Bastion Fleet

During my first turn, the Strike Cruiser Duty went on All Ahead Full to surprise Rob’s Gothic cruiser.  Fire ineffective, but Thunderhawks caused a starboard weapons damage.

The Gothic cruiser, over the next several turns was pincered by Strike Cruisers.

Facing two Strike Cruisers, with a third on the way, the Gothic disengaged.

On subsequent turns, Strike Cruisers arrived, but no Imperial Navy ships did.

Rob, facing my entire fleet ready to pounce, disengaged each ship as they came on the board.


Convoy – Tau Shan’al Shi’ur (defenders) vs. Necrons (attackers)

Necrons rolled D3 + 4 (6 total) results

1 torpedo/attack craft

3 results of 2 torpedoes/attack craft

1 squadron of escorts at 100pts

1 squadron of escorts at 150pts

The Tau split their transports into a group going left and one going right.  Necron escorts punched through the Tau line, and destroyed several escorts.  Then a Solar Flare hit.

Tau fire got lucky and destroyed all but one Necron Jackal.  That jackal pursued a transport, as an attack craft cluster destroyed one more.  The jackal chased the transport, but a lucky hit with missiles dispatched the Jackal.  With no Necron forces left, the Tau were victorious!


Next week: hopefully another double feature!


By Bozeman

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