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Nathan has been interested in our campaign for some time.  Communications problems prevented him from joining until now.  However, he put together a fleet using my Imperial Navy.  He had guts to choose his home system right between the Space Marines and the Tau, the two most powerful fleets.

We played a Cruiser Clash with fleet restrictions removed.  500 points.


Azure Flames

-Space Marine Strike Cruiser Duty (Extra Shield)

-Space Marine Strike Cruiser Honor (Extra Shield)

-Space Marine Strike Cruiser Sacrifice (Extra Shield)

Imperial Navy

-Dauntless class Light Cruiser Kestrel (lances)

-Dauntless class Light Cruiser Surprise (lances)

-Mars class Battlecruiser Saratoga, extra turret


Azure Flames – Turn 1

The strike cruisers go right around the asteroids, and launch Thunderhawks.

Imperial Navy – Turn 1

Nova Cannon causes the Duty to Brace for Impact, but the cannon misses.  Lance fire from the Dauntlesses kills one of the Thunderhawk squadrons.

Azure Flames – Turn 2

Fire from the Sacrifice brings down one shield on the Kestrel.  Four Thunderhawks cause several effects on the Surprise including an engine room damaged result.

Imperial Navy – Turn 2

Nova Cannon does three damage to the Sacrifice despite Brace for Impact.  A critical hit causes the Sacrifice to have a bridge smashed result!  Bombers force a Brace on the Duty but do no damage.

Azure Flames – Turn 3

The Sacrifice fails to disengage and tries to run.  The Duty fires on the Dauntless as the Honor boards!  A poor boarding roll causes the Kestrel to take only one damage.  Critical roll against the Honor succeeds, and causes a Shields Collapsed result!

Imperial Navy – Turn 3

Concentrated fire on the stricken Sacrifice reduces it to one damage point remaining.  Other fire causes Brace rolls on the other two cruisers.

Azure Flames – Turn 4

Both cruisers zero in on the Saratoga.  The Honor boards again, and this time a spectacular boarding roll does 6 damage to the Saratoga.  Brace saves only one, crippling the battlecruiser.

Imperial Navy – Turn 4

The Kestrel fires on the Honor, forcing a brace.  The Saratoga chooses not to disengage, and fires on the Honor as well.  One damage, which hits the Port side guns.

Azure Flames – Turn 5

Bombardment Cannon fire brings down the Kestrel, and a critical hit causes a bulkhead collapse, which leads to a Warp Drive Implosion!  All three surviving ships Brace for Impact!

Imperial Navy – Turn 5

Saratoga tries to disengage and fails.  Fire against the Duty is ineffectual.

Azure Flames – Turn 6

Braced from the turn before, the two cruisers do only one damage to the Saratoga.

Imperial Navy – Turn 6

Saratoga disengages.


Nathan had a fantastic first game, he just had some bad luck.  The Nova Cannon shot that crippled my cruiser was great, but the rolls I got on him for boarding the Mars and destroying the Dauntless were less lucky.  Here’s to a great new player!

Next: more BFG campaign!

By Bozeman

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