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Week 5, Battle #2: Marines vs. New Imperial Navy player!

For the sector map, see the previous post.

Nathan has been interested in our campaign for some time.  Communications problems prevented him from joining until now.  However, he put together a fleet using my Imperial Navy.  He had guts to choose his home system right between the Space Marines and the Tau, the two most powerful fleets.

We played a Cruiser Clash with fleet restrictions removed.  500 points.


Azure Flames

-Space Marine Strike Cruiser Duty (Extra Shield)

-Space Marine Strike Cruiser Honor (Extra Shield)

-Space Marine Strike Cruiser Sacrifice (Extra Shield)

Imperial Navy

-Dauntless class Light Cruiser Kestrel (lances)

-Dauntless class Light Cruiser Surprise (lances)

-Mars class Battlecruiser Saratoga, extra turret


Azure Flames - Turn 1

The strike cruisers go right around the asteroids, and launch Thunderhawks.

Imperial Navy - Turn 1

Nova Cannon causes the Duty to Brace for Impact, but the cannon misses.  Lance fire from the Dauntlesses kills one of the Thunderhawk squadrons.

Azure Flames - Turn 2

Fire from the Sacrifice brings down one shield on the Kestrel.  Four Thunderhawks cause several effects on the Surprise including an engine room damaged result.

Imperial Navy - Turn 2

Nova Cannon does three damage to the Sacrifice despite Brace for Impact.  A critical hit causes the Sacrifice to have a bridge smashed result!  Bombers force a Brace on the Duty but do no damage.

Azure Flames - Turn 3

The Sacrifice fails to disengage and tries to run.  The Duty fires on the Dauntless as the Honor boards!  A poor boarding roll causes the Kestrel to take only one damage.  Critical roll against the Honor succeeds, and causes a Shields Collapsed result!

Imperial Navy - Turn 3

Concentrated fire on the stricken Sacrifice reduces it to one damage point remaining.  Other fire causes Brace rolls on the other two cruisers.

Azure Flames - Turn 4

Both cruisers zero in on the Saratoga.  The Honor boards again, and this time a spectacular boarding roll does 6 damage to the Saratoga.  Brace saves only one, crippling the battlecruiser.

Imperial Navy - Turn 4

The Kestrel fires on the Honor, forcing a brace.  The Saratoga chooses not to disengage, and fires on the Honor as well.  One damage, which hits the Port side guns.

Azure Flames - Turn 5

Bombardment Cannon fire brings down the Kestrel, and a critical hit causes a bulkhead collapse, which leads to a Warp Drive Implosion!  All three surviving ships Brace for Impact!

Imperial Navy - Turn 5

Saratoga tries to disengage and fails.  Fire against the Duty is ineffectual.

Azure Flames - Turn 6

Braced from the turn before, the two cruisers do only one damage to the Saratoga.

Imperial Navy - Turn 6

Saratoga disengages.


Nathan had a fantastic first game, he just had some bad luck.  The Nova Cannon shot that crippled my cruiser was great, but the rolls I got on him for boarding the Mars and destroying the Dauntless were less lucky.  Here's to a great new player!

Next: more BFG campaign!

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