Finally got to go back to the Highland Library to see my old gaming group!  New players abound.  Me and Jacob, a Dark Angel player took on new players Franklin (Orks) and Andy (Necrons) in a 2v2.  Each list was independent, but was assumed to be “allied” with each other, so Franklin and Andy were subject to being Desperate Allies.

Bozeman – Azure Flames

-Leonidas, Captain of the 1st Company (counts as Vulkan He’Stan)

-Tactical Squad x9, Veteran Sergeant, Bolter-Flamer, Power Fist, Flamer in a Drop Pod

-Tactical Squad x10, Veteran Sergeant, Bolter-Melta, Meltagun, Multi-Melta in a Rhino with Extra Armor

-Stormtalon Gunship with Typhoon Missile Launcher

-Land Speeder x3 with Multi-Meltas

Jacob – Dark Angels

-Sammael, Grand Master of the Ravenwing on Jetbike

-Ravenwing Bike Squad, Power Sword, 2x Meltaguns, Attack Bike

-Ravenwing Bike Squad, Power Sword, 2x Meltaguns, Attack Bike

-Ravenwing Land Speeder, Heavy Bolter and Assault Cannon

-Ravenwing Land Speeder, Heavy Bolter and Assault Cannon

-Nephilim Jetfighter, Twin-linked Lascannon


Franklin – Orks (Unbound)

-Ghazgkull Mag Uruk Thraka

-Slugga Boyz x10, Big Shoota in a Trukk with a Reinforced Ram

-Lootaz x8 (proxied)

-Warbikes x3, Nob, Power Klaw

-Flash Gitz x5

-Dakkajet, Air Ace upgrade (BS 3)

Andy – Necrons

-Destroyer Lord, Warscythe, Ressurection Orb, Mindshackle Scarabs

-Wraiths x4, Whip Coils

-Necron Warriors x7

-Necron Warriors x8

-Immortals x10


-Annhilation Barge

-Doomsday Ark


Mission: Maelstrom of War 3: Tactical Escalation

Board Setup

Scout move by Dark Angels bikes.


Orks and Necrons – Turn 1

Lucky Ork shooting combined with awful armour saves kills a Ravenwing Combat Squad, giving First Blood to the Necrons and Orks!  Lootas put a glance and a Crew Shaken result on the Azure Flames Rhino.  Necron Lord and Wraiths hide under the central bridge.  Trukk containing Ghazgkull and some ladz moves up.

Azure Flames and Dark Angels – Turn 1

Leonidas and the Tactical Squad drop pod in and bake the Lootas.  Land Speeders only manage to give two Crew Stunned results to Ghazgkull’s trukk, leaving it alive!  Sammael kills many Warriors with a Plasma Cannon shot and assaults the survivors, but does not kill any in close combat.

Orks and Necrons – Turn 2

Dakkajet arrives.  Combined fire from the Orks, and Ghazgkull’s squad assaulting wipes out the Azure Flames Land Speeders.  Disordered Charge by the Lord and Wraiths kill the Dark Angels Land Speeder and Attack Bike close to Objective 6 (center right) which scores a point!  Leonidas and the Tactical Squad take some serious hits but don’t break.

Azure Flames and Dark Angels – Turn 2

Two Ravenwing Bike combat squads outflank, and the Stormtalon and Nephilim arrive.  The Nephilim shoots down the Dakkajet, which falls on a Flash Git.  The lucky Flash Git gets a “1” to wound!  Ravenwing Bikes immobilize the Doomsday Ark and glance the Annhilation Barge twice.  They also secure Objective 1 (upper left) for a point!  Azure Flames Tactical Squad turns the Monolith into a crater.  Leonidas’ squad charges a unit of warriors, killing them all in close combat and scoring another point!

Orks and Necrons – Turn 3

Destroyer Lord and Wraiths charge the melta Tactical Squad, causing them to lose 5 men, and flee.  Immortals kill all of the Tactical Squad except Leonidas.  Sammael finally finishes off the Warrior Squad in close combat.  Ghazgkull and the ladz advance.

Azure Flames and Dark Angels – Turn 3

Stormtalon goes to Hover mode, fires on Ghazgkull’s boyz to little effect.  Sammael and Leonidas assault the Immortals after shooting them, and wipe them out.  Doomsday Ark and Annhilation Barge are destroyed by Ravenwing bikes.  Bikes secure Objective 3 (center left) for a point!  Shooting kills the remaining Wraiths.  Turn not pictured.

Orks and Necrons – Turn 4

Empty trukk performs a Tank Shock against Ravenwing Bikes hiding behind the statue to the far right. Orks advance.  Necron Destroyer Lord assaults the Tactical Squad again, kills most of them by himself in a challenge.  This scores a point!  Turn not pictured.

Azure Flames and Dark Angels – Turn 4

Nephilim, Bikes, and Sammael lay into the Flash Gits, killing them.  Necron Destoryer Lord kills only one Tactical Marine, leaving one alive who stays.  Bikes assault the Trukk, but fail to hit.

Orks and Necrons – Turn 5

Destroyer Lord kills last Tactical Marine, Orks advance.  Trukk is killed by Bike Grenades.

Azure Flames and Dark Angels – Turn 5

Bikes secure objective 1 again for another point!  Other bikes secure objective 2 (lower left) for another point!  Rhino drives onto objective 6 for a point!  Shooting kills the Destroyer Lord and some Boyz, leaving Ghazgkull alone on the board!

Orks and Necrons – Turn 6

Ghazgkull is the only model left.  He advances, three wounds remaining and out of WAAAAGH, having used it.

Azure Flames and Dark Angels – Turn 6

Shooting brings Ghazgkull down to one wound.  Objectives 2 and 4 secured for more points.

Orks and Necrons – Turn 7

Ghazghkull advances again.

Azure Flames and Dark Angels – Turn 7

Ghazghull killed by shooting.  Tabled.


Final score

Azure Flames and Dark Angels: 14

Orks and Necrons: 4


WOW.  This was my first game of 7th edition.  We won from equal luck and strategy, but the ridiculous amount of points we earned was from rolling objectives we happened to be near was amazing.  This mission rewards mobile, diverse armies because if you can secure an mission objective, you get MORE next turn.  We got lucky and scored some, and then got more which we scored and so on.  The Necrons and Orks were not so lucky, as they did not get easy to accomplish objectives.

Next: TWO battle reports from my Battlefleet Gothic league!

BONUS PICTURE!  Sisters vs. Space Marines!

By Bozeman

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