In my Battlefleet Gothic campaign, I got a new player hooked by letting him use my Tau Kor’or’vesh fleet.  You don’t see it in the Image Gallery for Gothic because it’s not painted yet.  The collection is small; a battleship, six crusiers, and assorted escorts.  It’s just under 2000 points, which is the size you’d need for a roster in a campaign.  I also had four Nicassar Dhows and a Tau Orbital unbuilt.

Thank goodness for the 2012 update.  It included the option for the Nicassar Caravan, which is an orbital rig with four Dhows to tow it around.  Even better: during a campaign you can choose for the Caravan to either be the Caravan OR four Dhows and an immobile unarmed defense.  With these options, the Tau fleet comes in at 1990 points, perfect to start a campaign!

…it just took me until now to complete them.  The Dhows are magnetized to remove them from their flying bases if necessary.  The core bits of the Tau orbital were used, and I bits ordered four of the Tau battlesuit sensors.  I modified them into the docking pylons for the Rig.  With the four Dhows, the Rig becomes the Caravan.

Next: look for more Gothic and hopefully my first forays into 7th ed 40K!

By Bozeman

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