I’ve never been able to play Gothic in a campaign setting.  That all changes this Thursday.  I’m going to be organizing a Gothic Campaign.  See above the custom sector I made while I watched House on Netflix.  We have three confirmed players, with the possibility of more.  Here are our current players:

Bozeman – Space Marines

Rob – Imperial Navy

Josh – Tau Kor’or’vesh

Josh’s above fleet is mine, and unpainted.  I also have a super secret project that is totally not illegal related to it, updates later this week.

Who will be victorious in controlling the Laurie’s Hope subsector?  Find out soon!

By Bozeman

One thought on “Battlefleet Gothic Campaign 2014 – The Laurie’s Hope Subsector”
  1. Safe money is on the imperial navy. Space marines and tau are slightly more expensive for what you get. Additionally the nova cannon is pretty sweet against any non-elder fleets.

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