In which I complain like a spoiled child about 7th edition.

May 25, 2014
25 May/14

There’s a hundred blogs today dissecting 7th edition, breaking the game where they can, explaining differences from 6th and so on.  I’m not doing this.

I’m going through and finding things that bug me.  What do you expect?  I’m a cranky old man.  So, here they are as I discover them.

1. Using Malefic and Sanctic powers in inappropriate armies, such as Space Marines summoning daemons or Chaos Sorcerers banishing them.  This is not only out of character but possibly game breaking.  After all, if your super cool character is about to die, why NOT replace them with a free Greater Daemon?

2. Different weapons in the shooting phase are now resolved completely before the next weapon type goes.  So, if you have nine boltguns and a meltagun, and an enemy unit has one model 11″ away, use the meltagun first.  If you kill that guy with the boltguns, the meltagun no longer has range, EVEN THOUGH IT SAYS EARLIER THAT ALL GUNS FROM A UNIT FIRE SIMULTANEOUSLY.

3. Models with two pistols can fire both!  I’m listing this here because it’s so rare.  Seraphim come with two pistols standard.  Cypher has a special rule to let him fire both pistols.  Will this lead to double-plasma-pistol sergeants?  Probably not because that’s 30pts but still that’s silly.

4. Still random charge UGH.  However, difficult terrain is now just -2″ which makes charging through difficult terrain an actual viable option rather than a really crappy one.

5. The rumors that you can consolidate into close combat like in 3rd edition were false.  I’m not sure it’s fair to complain about a rumor but I’m doing it anyway because Tau are unstoppable right now and close combat in 6th was a joke.

6. All missions have Mysterious Objectives.  Unless both players agree not to use them, more random crap will happen every time you touch an objective.  None of them are REALLY bad, even the worst one causes some S4 hits.  But it’s just more random stuff, and you know how I feel about that.

Wow, that’s actually a short list.  Basically, if an opponent doesn’t abuse Malefic or Sanctic and doesn’t want Mysterious Objectives, this is just 6th with better charge rules and more organized psychic rules.  Who knows?  7th could be awesome!


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Every Edition of 40K is Broken

May 19, 2014
19 May/14

Despite the downtrodden title of this post, this is actually a life-affriming statement of positivity.

…with a bit of bitching thrown in.

So!  Let’s explore the idea behind the title’s premise: all editions of 40K are broken.  Yup.  Let’s break down each edition and figure out what made each edition so memorable.

Rogue Trader/1st – Never played, but from what I can gather from older grognards this was little better than a roleplaying game.  You needed a game master to run it for you.  Hardly a game that resembles what modern 40K is.  Broken because basically anything went from a narrative standpoint.  It wasn’t balanced but it wasn’t supposed to be; it was a way to have fun with models.

2nd – Where the game becomes a real game.  Army books and lists become a thing, as do Wargear Cards.  Herohammer at its height, powerful characters are all but invincible.  Chaos is an unbeatable wave of death.  Orks have Pulsa Rokkits.

3rd – The rulebook contains several “black codex” armies that are invalidated by later codexes.  Assault is a mess, which hampers assault based armies.  Combined with transport vehicles, the “Rhino Rush” rules the day.

3.5 – Updated assault rules make assault a very viable tactic.  Blood Angels Death Company and summoned Daemons (especially the White Dwarf rules for Steeds of Slaanesh) make the game about whoever gets the charge.  Tau had to be FAQ’d to say that Fire Warriors block line of sight to Suits or Tau would just die.

4th – The Rhino Rush dies a horrible death as Entanglement allows even Fearless units to become pinned!  Gunlines are the mainstay.  Guard shoot the sun at the enemy.  Chaos tools out Daemon Princes with 150pts of wargear and lets them dominate everyone in the face.  Vehicles become tombs.

5th – Entanglement is gone, but units can no longer assault out of vehicles.  Firepoints turn transports into mobile gun platforms for infantry.  New wound allocation rules allow certain units to redistribute wounds creatively, allowing the rise of the “Deathstar.”  True Line of Sight terrain rules are introduced because apparently having an imagination is awful.  Due to this, forests became harder to model in 40K so the focus shifted to line of sight blocking terrain such as buildings.  Only troops can hold objectives.  “Kill Points” favored small elite armies.

6th – Random crap becomes common.  Roll for psychic powers, warlord traits, charge ranges etc.  These random elements make psykers less attractive due to the inclusion of Deny The Witch.  Assault is now for losers as random charge ranges make even a close ranged charge a possible failure.  Overwatch gives even more penalty to assault.  Shooting is king and Tau are the best at shooting so good luck beating Tau.  Flyers make a debut and we see necron air lists and chaos dragon lists that dominate.

…so even with all these things broken why is this a positive message?  One word: FUN.  40K is supposed to be fun.  It will never be perfectly balanced.  There’s always going to be a metagame and that meta will favor some armies.  Part of the fun is making lists to deal with the meta.

This is why I’m optimistic for 7th.  Even though it won’t be balanced.  Changing the edition shakes up the meta and makes certain ideas that were valuable useless, while making new ideas better.

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Battlefleet Gothic Campaign 2014 – The Laurie’s Hope Subsector

May 16, 2014
16 May/14

I’ve never been able to play Gothic in a campaign setting.  That all changes this Thursday.  I’m going to be organizing a Gothic Campaign.  See above the custom sector I made while I watched House on Netflix.  We have three confirmed players, with the possibility of more.  Here are our current players:

Bozeman – Space Marines

Rob – Imperial Navy

Josh – Tau Kor’or’vesh

Josh’s above fleet is mine, and unpainted.  I also have a super secret project that is totally not illegal related to it, updates later this week.

Who will be victorious in controlling the Laurie’s Hope subsector?  Find out soon!

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1500 Azure Flames vs. Nurgle Daemons

May 10, 2014
10 May/14

Another incredibly satisfying battle at AFK Games!  This was against veteran Daemon player Loren who had a fantastically painted Nurgle army.  We played 1500 points.

Bozeman – Azure Flames

-Librarian, Mastery Level 2, Terminator Armor, The Shield Eternal (Endurance and Leech Life from Biomancy, Master of Ambush: Outflankers have Acute Senses)

-Terminators x5, Chainfist, Cyclone Missile Launcher

-Land Raider Crusader

-Tactical Squad x10, Veteran Sergeant, Power Fist, Combi-Flamer, Flamer, Heavy Bolter in a Rhino with Extra Armor

-Tactical Squad x10, Veteran Sergeant, Power Fist, Combi-Flamer, Flamer, Heavy Bolter in a Rhino with Extra Armor

-Scouts x5 in a Land Speeder Storm

-Thunderfire Cannon

-Stormtalon Gunship with Typhoon Missile Launcher


Loren – Nurgle Chaos Daemons

-Daemon Prince, Mark of Nurgle (Death Incarnate: Melee Attacks cause Instant Death)

-Plaguebearers x14, Etherblade

-Plaguebearers x14, Etherblade

-Plaguebearers x14, Etherblade

-Plaguebearers x14, Etherblade

-Herald of Nurgle, Etherblade

-Herald of Nurgle, Etherblade

-Plague Drones x7, Etherblade


Mission: Big Guns Never Tire (D3+2 Objectives, we had 5.  Heavy Support holds objectives and killing HS earns 1VP)

Setup: Dawn of War (long table edges)

Here’s our board after setup.

No Night Fight, Initiative not seized.  I held the Scouts and the Stormtalon in reserve, and Loren held 2 Plaguebearer squads and one Herald in reserve.


Turn 1 – Chaos Daemons

The Plague Drones move forward towards the Thunderfire Cannon while the Plaguebearers march forward.  The Daemon Prince moves to my right.

Drones are Jet Pack Cavalry, so they move fast!

The Daemon Prince goes off on his own.

Turn 1 – Azure Flames

Ineffectual firing puts a few wounds on the Plague Drones.  3 of 4 Thunderfire shots scatter off target.

Aiming is hard!

Turn 2 – Chaos Daemons

The Plague Drones assault and kill the Thunderfire Cannon, and put three glancing results on the Land Raider.  Other forces advance.  One unit of Plaguebearers deep strikes.

The Drones are incredibly effective.

Turn 2 – Azure Flames

Rhino-mounted Tactical Squads, the Land Speeder Storm, and the Stormtalon make short work of the deep-struck Plaguebearers out in the open.  Land Raider backs up and fire from it and the Terminators remove two Plague Drones.

Fire cleanses Plaguebearers very well!

The Land Raider makes a last desperate effort to fight.

Turn 3 – Chaos Daemons

Daemon Prince charges Terminators.  The Prince Challenges the Librarian, but the fight is ineffectual.  The Plague Drones charge and wreck the Land Raider.  The last squad of Plague Bearers deep strikes as the other two squads on foot claim two objectives.

The Daemon Prince gets stuck in, while the Drones finish the Land Raider.

Turn 3 – Azure Flames

Rhino mounted tatsquads kill 1/2 of the Plaguebearers that deep struck.  The Daemon Prince/Librarian fight continues, and the Shield Eternal saves the Librarian from Instant Death as he takes a wound.

More cleansing.

The Librarian is in trouble!

Turn 4 – Chaos Daemons

Disaster!  The Plague Drones charge the Terminators.  The Daemon Prince finishes off the Librarian, but the Plague Drones take five wounds from Terminators and do none in return!  Daemonic Instability rolls go insane and the Prince and the Drones are eliminated!  The Deep-struck Plaguebearers charge a Rhino and wreck it.

The Daemons vanish!

Hey!  You trashed our ride!

Turn 4 – Azure Flames

The Tactical squad takes revenge on the Plaguebearers and eliminates them.  The Terminators charge the Plaguebearers in the nearby building, but poor rolls lose one Terminator and no plaguebearers!

The charge is less than effective…

Hmmmm… Whattaya think?  Fire?  Is fire a good idea?  I’m thinking fire.  Let’s try fire and see what happens.

Turn 5 – Chaos Daemons

A challenge by the Terminator Sergeant ends poorly and the lone remaining Terminator breaks and flees.  Turn not pictured.

Turn 5 – Azure Flames

The remaining Tactical Squad in the Rhino puts the hurt on a Plaguebearer squad, and claims the objective.  The other tactical squad and the Scouts claim two others.  Game ends.




Final Score

Azure Flames have 3 objectives for 9VPs plus Slay the Warlord for 10

Chaos Daemons have 2 objectives for 6VPs plus two Heavy Support Kills, Slay The Warlord, and First Blood for 10, a tie!


This was an amazing game!  I wish I had put my Thunderfire Cannon in a better place as I practically fed it to Loren.  I got a bit lucky with the Daemon Prince fight, but previously the Terminator Librarian kept failing to wound or the Prince made saves.  This was great fun.  Next time I’m bringing Sternguard to fight those pesky Plague Drones!

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1500 Azure Flames vs. Steel Circle (Imperial Fists)

May 3, 2014
03 May/14

Another fantastic batrep thanks to the good folks at AFK!  This game was against Mike, who’s been playing a while, but is a newcomer to AFK.  Hopefully we see more of him and his fantastic Imperial Fists successor the Steel Circle!


Bozeman – Azure Flames (Salamanders)

-Leonidas, Captain of the 1st Company (counts as Vulkan He’Stan)

-Tactical Squad x10, Veteran Sergeant, Power Fist, Combi-Melta, Meltagun, Multi-Melta in a Drop Pod

-Tactical Squad x10, Veteran Sergeant, Power Fist, Combi-Flamer, Flamer, Multi-Melta in a Rhino with Extra Armor

-Vindicator with a Siege Shield

-Ironclad Dreadnought, Chainfist, Ironclad Launchers in a Drop Pod with a Locator Beacon

-Stormtalon Gunship with Typhoon Missile Launcher

-Bike Squad x8 with Attack Bike, Veteran Sergeant, Power Fist, Melta Bombs, 2x Meltagun, Multi-Melta

-Land Speeder, Multimelta


Mike – Steel Circle (Imperial Fists)

-Darnath “Beatstick” Lysander

-Assault Termintors x5, 2x Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield

-Land Raider Crusader


-Sternguard x10, 3x Combi-Meltas, 2x Combi-Plasma in a Drop Pod

-Tactical Squad x10, Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun, Multi-Melta in a Drop Pod

-Tactical Squad x10, Plasma Gun, Missile Launcher in a Drop Pod


Mission: The Relic (one movable objective)

Setup: Dawn of War (long table edges)

Mike set up first, here’s our setup:

The whole board

Lysander, the Terminators, and the Techmarine are in the Land Raider Crusader

My units are spread out and hiding from the inevitable Drop Pod storm.

Initiative not seized.  No night fight.


Turn 1 – Steel Circle

Lysander’s Land Raider moves up 12″ and Power of the Machine Spirit lets it take out two of the five bikes facing it.  The Stenguard and the Tactical Squad with a Plasma Pistol drop pod in near Leonidas and the Tactical Squad in the building.  The Sternguard blow the bike combat squad away.  Leonidas’ squad loses its sergeant and Leonidas takes a wound.

Lysander surges forward toward the Relic.

Steel Rain falls on the Azure Flames.

Turn 1 – Azure Flames

Tactical Squad in Drop Pod arrives behind the Land Raider.  The remaining bikes move forward, but even with the bikes, the Tactical Squad and the Vindicator the Land Raider only takes two glancing hits!  Combined fire from Leonidas and his Tactical Squad put the hurt on the Sternguard, and then assault them, leaving only one alive.  The Land Speeder gives a penetrating result to the Tactical Squad’s Drop Pod and removes the Storm Bolter, turning it into a rock.

Land Raiders are built tough!  …plus I rolled horribly

One remaining Sternguard stands before Leonidas and the Tactical Squad.

Another bad melta roll makes the Drop Pod useless.

Turn 2 – Steel Circle

The Land Raider turns around, and in an incredibly good flurry of rolls with split fire, kills the meltagun in one squad, and the multi-melta in another!  The last Sternguard falls to Leonidas.  The Tacitcal Marines kill one of the combat squad in the building and the Land Speeder.

Trick shot!  All Melta removed!

The bike squad is avenged by Leonidas.

Land Speeder goes down in a hail of plasma fire.

Turn 2 – Azure Flames

The bikes move up and wreck the Land Raider.  Subsequent Vindicator fire and a bad Look Out Sir roll kills four of the five Terminators, and the Techmarine, and puts a wound on Lysander who shakes it off due to Eternal Warrior.  Lysander and one Lightning Claw Terminator break and run for cover in the nearby building.  The Ironclad Dreadnought arrives, as does the Stormtalon.  The Dreadnought, Stormtalon, and the Combat Squad in the building kill all of the combat squad but the Sergeant.  Leonidas and his remaining squad assault the other combat squad and kill all but the Multi-Melta, who doesn’t break.

An incredibly good turn takes out most of the Terminators!

The Tactical Squad is mostly dealt with.

Turn 3 – Steel Circle

Lysander and the Terminator regroup and assault one of the combat squads.  The squad dies horribly.  Leonidas finishes the multi-melta and advances towards the objective.  The remaining sergeant charges the combat squad in the building, but no one dies.

Lysander gets things done!

Alas, poor multi-melta…


Turn 3 – Azure Flames

The combat with the lone sergeant goes nowhere fast as a flurry of whiffs occurs.  Leonidas and the Dreadnought run for the objective, as does the remaining part of the other tactical squad.  Bad scatter from the Vindicator goes onto the a bike!  However a lucky jink save keeps him alive.

OK, so should I hit you or should you hit me?

Keep your eyes on the prize.

The tank shot his own guy, but don’t worry!  He shouted FORE!

Turn 4 – Steel Circle

Lysander fails a charge against the bikes from four inches away!  The last Steel Circle tactical squad arrives via drop pod, and kills the remaining two tacitcal marines with Leonidas.  The lone sergeant kills one tactical marine but finally goes down!

Leonidas is all alone…

Took them long enough!

Turn 4 – Azure Flames

Leonidas joins the tactical squad running away from Lysander, and the sergeant of that squad picks up the objective.  The Vindicator kills the Lighting Claw Terminator.  The newly arrived tactical squad takes fire from the Stormtalon and Drop Pods, and Dreadnought and is then charged by the Dreadnought.

Did anyone bring melta bombs?

Turn 5 – Steel Circle

Lysander charges Leonidas and a mighty Challenge ensues!  …where nothing happens.  The Dreadnought continues to wear down the tactical squad.

Whiffing on the first round of combat is a tradition during this game.

Turn 5 – Azure Flames

The Stormtalon kills a Drop Pod, and the Tactical Squad kills the damaged one.  The Dreadnought kills the tactical squad down to 3.  Leonidas does one wound to Lysander, and takes none in return!  Lysander breaks but succeeds in his re-roll so stays.


Turn 6 – Steel Circle

Dreadnought kills no one in the Tactical Squad.  Lysander and Leonidas continue to duel ineffectually.

The fights continue.

Turn 6 – Azure Flames

More ineffectual fighting.  Game ends.

Final score: Azure Flames have the objective for 3 points, plus Linebreaker for 4 total.  Steel Circle has First Blood for 1.


Wow!  What a fun game.  I haven’t had this good of a time playing for a while.  Honestly this was due to Mike’s painted army.  Its just not the same fighting someone whose army is not painted.  Plus Mike challenged me tactically like I haven’t been in a while.  Lysander is also incredible.  Mike failed a 2+ Look Out Sir roll for the Techmarine and had he succeeded (multiple times) he could have distributed the Vindicator’s shots to Lysander who would have laughed off the S10 ordnance.  One thing not mentioned above is that 3 of the 5 drop pods in this game scattered 10″ or more!  This was a game full of unlikely rolls, which happens.

Next: more batreps, hopefully some painted minis, and possibly a GOTHIC CAMPAIGN?  We shall see!

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