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Pour out a 40 for pewter: The Great Smelting

If you hadn't heard, here's the latest scoop.  Games Workshop is shipping all of their pewter miniatures off to be smelted.  The price of pewter is pretty high, and they need revenue.  You know what else would have gotten revenue?  LETTING US TAKE A CRACK AT IT!  Seriously!  I'd have paid double the price you'd have gotten for scrap PLUS SHIPPING!

So many soldiers, lost before their time.  The Emperor is weeping.

Well, not for the daemons, but look no one's having a good day in the 40K universe today.

Edit: There are still metal minis on the site, so it looks like they didn't melt them all.  Still, pewter was a great medium for models.  I have 50 pewter Terminators and various other pewter marines, orks, guardsmen, and in a non-gw related note, all-pewter Cygnar.  I'll miss pewter.

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  1. I have a pewter mug that someone got us for our wedding. It’s ugly. What are they paying for pewter?

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