Starting a Blood Bowl team.

August 27, 2013
27 Aug/13

Today I ran a demo for Blood Bowl at Highland Library.  I’m hoping I piqued enough interest to get people to start their own teams.

So, how does one start their own Blood Bowl team?  With Games Workshop discontinuing all of Specialist Games, this has become harder, but not impossible or expensive, depending on what you want to do.  First, have someone who knows Blood Bowl demo the game for you.  Then, read the team lists and pick a team.  Only then should you buy.  You have four options.

1. Buy the Blood Bowl box set, preferably ordering through a local game store.  This will get you an Orc team and a Human team.  Sell one of the teams to a friend.  This is the only way to buy direct from Games Workshop anymore.  The box set was still sold on the website as of the posting of this article.  Sadly, this is not an option for players who do not wish to play Orcs or Humans.

2. Camp on ebay.  This is an easy way to get a team.  However, there is no guarantee.  The team you are looking for may have several auctions right now, or none.  Just do a search every morning and wait.  The biggest problem with this is variability.  Some players getting rid of their team can let it go for a steal, and some people who have delusions of grandeur sell a poorly painted team with a $300 buy it now.  Just be patient.

3. Use existing pewter, plastic, and Finecast minis from the Warhammer Fantasy and 40K lines to convert your own team.  This is what I did with the Konquata Monitors and the Grimfang Scrappaz.  It helps to have a small amount of putty sculpting skills as well.  This works best with Chaos, Dwarf, Elf, Goblin, Human, Khemri, Lizardman, Ogre, Orc, and Skaven teams, but not so well with others.  Choose a team, look at existing model lines and get ideas.  Hopefully you’ll have a good one.

4. Go to a third party.  Mantic Games makes amazing Blood Bowl teams, but I can’t find them on their website.  They must have been forced to stop.  Look around for other companies.  Reaper makes good fantasy models that could be easily converted to a Blood Bowl team.  Meiko minis has good elves, ogres, and Nurgle.  Impact minis has a huge selection and great support models.

Check all of the above options before buying.  I searched ebay while writing this, and found several auctions of full team at less than $50.  Buying plastic either through bitz order or box sets could set you back $40-$80 depending on what you need.

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Blood Bowl Black Orc Blockers and Troll! Plus, Blood Bowl and Epic Compendium!

August 26, 2013
26 Aug/13

Black Orc Blockers are done, as is the Troll!  Next: Blitzers for the Scrappaz and Coaches for both teams.

Also, in case you hadn’t noticed, I put up a Compendium for both Blood Bowl and Epic Armageddon!  See the links in Features to the right.

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Blood Bowl Orc Blitzers!

August 22, 2013
22 Aug/13

Next: Black Orc Blockers!

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Blood Bowl Ork Throwers!

August 20, 2013
20 Aug/13

Next: Blitzers!

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Blood Bowl Konquata Monitors Coach: Lord Kroak

August 17, 2013
17 Aug/13

Lord Kroak, last of the First Generation of Slaan personally commissioned the creation of the Konquata Monitors Blood Bowl team after the Lizardmen re-conquered the mystical island of Albion (called Konquata by the Lizardmen) from the Dark Elves.  To promote the superiority of the Lizardmen race, Kroak ordered the team be composed of members of the first spawnings from the newly formed spawning pools on Albion.  Unwaveringly loyal to Kroak’s vision, the Monitors have become the hottest new team in Blood Bowl.  Kroak himself has recently taken up the mantle of Coach, personally leading the Monitors from the sidelines.  Eschewing his customary floating chair and gold death mask for a simple cap, Kroak is prepared to help the Monitors win to bring glory to the Lizardmen.  Of course, his incredibly powerful magics would never be used during a match.  That is, unless the inducement was right…

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Blood Bowl Grimfang Scrappaz Goblins!

August 6, 2013
06 Aug/13

Thanks to paint night at Game Links in Fowlerville, I have put paint to models for the first time since the move!  I helped some people paint, watched some games of Magic the Gathering, and talked about Blood Bowl.

Above, see the four Goblin models I built for the Scrappaz.  On the back of their base is the Orc rune for Goblin/Grot and an Ork numeral.  I had to give them a rune and numeral because Orks can’t count higher than five!

Next: More Scrappaz!

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Highland Hijinx: the end of the Immortal campaign!

August 2, 2013
02 Aug/13

Highland’s last game session was an absolute blowout.  First, Stephen had some new minis painted, including some kickass Forge World stuff.  Those are the first pics in the gallery.  Then, to end the Immortal campaign, we had a tournament style playoff.  My first game was against Eldar.  With Antonius’ new super teleporting Wargear, I made a Drop army.  I took it against some Eldar first, who whooped me hard.  I still won due to a time limit making the game finish early as I was sitting on two objectives.  Then, against Dominik’s Tau I fought a solid fight.  Dominik did not keep his eyes on the prize and I won that game too.  Hey kids!  Objectives matter.

Lastly, everyone earned (or purchased) raffle tickets for some stuff and gift certificates.  Benefits go towards making some new terrain for the club.  I didn’t win but I threw in $20 and even donated some old terrain from the Big Game including our “Orbital Defense Plasma Cannons” which were fancy looking cheap waterguns cut off, glued to a foam ball and spraypainted.

Next, look forward to Paint Night in Fowlerville!

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