Highland’s last game session was an absolute blowout.  First, Stephen had some new minis painted, including some kickass Forge World stuff.  Those are the first pics in the gallery.  Then, to end the Immortal campaign, we had a tournament style playoff.  My first game was against Eldar.  With Antonius’ new super teleporting Wargear, I made a Drop army.  I took it against some Eldar first, who whooped me hard.  I still won due to a time limit making the game finish early as I was sitting on two objectives.  Then, against Dominik’s Tau I fought a solid fight.  Dominik did not keep his eyes on the prize and I won that game too.  Hey kids!  Objectives matter.

Lastly, everyone earned (or purchased) raffle tickets for some stuff and gift certificates.  Benefits go towards making some new terrain for the club.  I didn’t win but I threw in $20 and even donated some old terrain from the Big Game including our “Orbital Defense Plasma Cannons” which were fancy looking cheap waterguns cut off, glued to a foam ball and spraypainted.

Next, look forward to Paint Night in Fowlerville!

By Bozeman

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