Battle Report Azure Flames vs. Eldar Combo 1750pts

June 26, 2013
26 Jun/13

Time for another battle report at Highland Library!  This game was against Ian, a veteran Dark Eldar player.  This game took place within the context of the ongoing campaign I mentioned earlier, so they use the old GW “Immortals” rules for experience.


Each army gets a mysterious objective in their deployment zone worth 2 victory points.  There is a SUPER mysterious objective with a weird chart to roll on in the center worth 3 victory points.  Dawn of War deployment. (12″ from long table edge).  All units can hold objectives, unless it is a non-walker vehicle that is trying to contest a point held by enemy infantry or walkers.  Basically a Rhino can hold an objective if no one else is there.

Azure Flames – Bozeman

-Antonius, Captain of the 4th Company.  Power Axe, Plasma Pistol, Artificer Armour, Melta Bombs. (campaign items: Camo Cloak, Combi-melta shot, 18″ plasma pistol)

-6 Assault Terminators with Storm Shields in a dedicated Land Raider Crusader

-Tactical Squad, Combi Flamer, Powerfist, Meltagun, Missile Launcher in a Rhino with Extra Armor

-Tactical Squad, Combi Flamer, Powerfist, Meltagun, Missile Launcher in a Drop Pod

-Ironclad Dreadnought with heavy flamer in a Drop Pod

-5 man Scout Squad with a Powerfist in a Land Speeder Storm

-3 Land Speeders with Multi Meltas and Heavy Flamers


Dark Eldar with Eldar Allies – Ian (Note: I do not know the specifics of this list)

-Lord with a lot of wargear (Immortal)

-Wych squad in a Raider

-Warrior squad in a raider


-Succubus character with whips that re-roll to hit and to wound.

-5 Incubi in a Venom

-Razorwing Jetfighter


-5 Wraithblades

-Wave Serpent

-5 Rangers

-5 Rangers

Initial Setup

Turn 1 Combined Eldar

Dark Lance takes out the Land Raider because there was almost no terrain on the board, it being used elsewhere.  Venom with Incubi and Wych character zooms ahead.  Wave serpent closes in on mysterious objective.  Other skimmer move up and kill a few Terminators.  Oddly the Ravager fails to kill the Rhino.

Turn 1 Azure Flames

Rhino moves up pops smoke.  Tatsquad in crater makes a huge tactical error firing at the Ravager.  Terminators and Antonius consolidate around objective.  2nd tatsquad drops in and annihilates Rangers on enemy objective in forest.  Land speeders bake the Venom to death with glancing hits.

Turn 2 Combined Eldar

Wych character and Incubi eat most of the Tactical squad in the crater.  Combined fire kills all the terminators.  Farseer and Wraithblades disembark Wave Serpent and take the central Objective.  A weird effect causes one Wraithblade to die.  Ravager kills the drop pod.

Turn 2 Azure Flames

Ironclad Dreadnought drops in and puts a glance on one of the Raiders.  Rhino Tank Shocks Wraithblades, and one of them dies in a Death or Glory!  Land Speeders move flat out.  NOTE: in the picture below, I took it before resolving the combat, so the two Tactical Marines near the bottom died in combat.

Turn 3 Combined Eldar

Wych character and Incubi assault the back of the Rhino, glancing it.  Wave Serpent and Raider knock down 2 Land Speeders.  Jetfighter kills 8 Tactical Marines.  Antonius takes 1 wound from fire.

Turn 3 Azure Flames

Tactical Marines try to kill Wave Serpent, but fail. Land Speeder kills one Incubus.  Antonius shoots down the Raider with his Melta shot.  Ironclad Dread assaults the Farseer and Wraithblades, kills two.  No effect from the central objective (it became a kitten?)

Turn 4 Combined Eldar

Due to movement constraints, the Jetfighter is ineffectual.  Melta shot kills Antonius outright.  Ravager kills Drop Pod, and Wave Serpent kills Land Speeder.  Dreadnought kills Farseer and last Wraithblade.  Wych and Incubi put the last glance on the Rhino.

Turn 4 Azure Flames

Land Speeder Storm comes in, Scouts take enemy objective.  Ironclad walks over, kills Wych character and Incubi, and overruns back to the objective which oddly heals him?  I don’t know.

Turn 5 Combined Eldar

Wave Serpent kills 4/5 Scouts, Sergeant flees 4″ and is still on the objecive, regroups.  Immortal Lord and Wyches advance on the central objective.  Ravager and Raider put one Pen on the Dread, but it’s Crew Shaken.  Jetfighter kills the Land Speeder Storm.

Turn 5 Azure Flames

Dreadnought snap-fires at Raider ineffectually.  Game ends.

Final Victory Points

Azure Flames 5, Combined Eldar 0.

Final Analysis: HOLY CRAP.  I got the shit kicked out of me, had 2 models left, and STILL WON?  Odd.  First, flyers are a problem for a dude who stopped in 5th.  I need air support.  Second, vehicles are not all that anymore, as glancing results can just tear apart anything.  Third: I AM A BIT RUSTY AT THIS.  The tatsquad in the crater should have shot the Venom, and then the Land Speeders could have mopped up the Wych and Incubi.  I need more practice.  Sadly, I am not likely to get it due to 21st Century Comics and Games in Lansing closing.

All in all, a good game.  My opponent Ian was more than fair and played well.  However I was severely hindered by lack of terrain, and lack of anti-air.  I am moving to Lansing, so I might not be able to play with these guys in the future.  I hope I do, as they are great.  THEY NEED MORE TERRAIN THOUGH.  I donated a box of my old stuff to them, but perhaps they can do a Terrain Building event in the near future.  That would help a lot.

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