I’ve been a bit busy.  Got some new stuff for my Lost and the Damned.  Now you may ask, Bozeman, why all the Nurgle lately?  Surely other Chaos gods need love too.  My answer is that for the list I’m building, I need a big Nurgle blob squad tricked out and ready to summon daemons and hold an objective.  Hence, the altar and Daemon Prince.

First, the altar uses old pewter Ork trakks.  The body is a bit that I got in an auction a year ago and have no idea what it is.  A normal non-slotta round base makes up the filth pool, with a plaguebearer cut in half.  The plastic pustules are from the Tyranid Mawloc sting tail.  The hose nozzle is from the old plastic Ork Mega Stompa.  Chains were from a hobby store.  Finally, two beasts of Nurgle tow the thing.  I added a drop of putty to make it look all pus-filled.

The Daemon Prince was easy, I took an old Necromunda Milliasaur (not easy to find, or cheap) and added two Tyranid Mawloc mandibles.  It makes him look like Duriel from Diablo II, which is what the army is visually based on, in part.

Next: painted Ork shootas, a Tzeentch Chaos Altar, and possibly more!

By Bozeman

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