I was bad a while ago.  I bought a bunch of stuff for my Lost and the Damned Epic army.  This included a Tzeentch Firelord and three Tzeentch Doomwings.  It also included most of a Nurgle Plague Tower.  This was my fault: I did not research what a Plague Tower should look like, and it was missing the Plague Mortar up top and the Nurgle symbol staff on the back.

So, I improvised.  I used a handcannon from the Privateer Press Devil Dogs mercenaries up top, and embedded it in a pustule of putty.  I added some drips to make it seem bursting with pus.  I then added putty to the back and three more pustules in the Nurgle symbol.  I used a pin vise in the top pustule when it was cured, put in a small piece of paperclip, and covered it with putty to make a spurt of goo.

Yeah, it’s not 100% authentic but it looks great and it’s way cheaper.

Next: Ork shootas!  The last of the shootas, then on to sluggas.

By Bozeman

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