WOW!  Huge battle at Highland Library 40K club!  Each player got 1200pts and a secret mission.  There was one objective in the middle of the board in an AV12 building.

Everyone converged on it during turn 2…

…and then the Ork player Shawn decided to blow the building up for no reason.  It was a radioactive bomb building.  Everything within 5D6″ took a STR8 AP1 Hit (we rolled 16″)

After that it devolved into a mixed scuffle.

Shawn (ruiner of buildings) plays Orks but also Necrons.  He had his Necrons painted by his friend John, and let me take some pics!

Next month I might have a Battlefleet Gothic report that’s not a generic training report!  More soon!

By Bozeman

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