So as John from previous BFG battle reports and Lexington of (the sadly dead) will tell you, I’ve been busy.  This requires some explanation.  Long ago I worked in a print shop that did little business and so during downtime I typed up the rules for Battlefleet Gothic into a super-condensed version for ease of use.

In 2010 the Battlefleet Gothic community released the 2010 update which had a bunch of rule fixes, and some new ships and lists.  I updated the RULES but did not add the new ships etc. because it had not appeared on the GW main site yet.  It’s still not up there.  Recently I read all of the extra stuff and decided it was good, so I undertook a huge task: update the old files with the new data.  In addition, I added stuff for Scenarios, Campaigns, and everything else left out by my previous compendium.

I just finished, and had the compendium printed.  Check out the pictures below.

The first is the first page.  Notice that the pages are laminated for durability.  The second picture is the old compendium underneath the new one.  The new one is much bigger.

If you want to print your own copy of the compendium, know that all copyrights for these files are for Games Workshop.  All of this data is available free online at the Games Workshop Website (click on Specialist Games and then Battlefleet Gothic) except for the compendium files which can be found here. (note: requires Google account)  DO NOT SELL COPIES OF THESE FILES OR IN ANY WAY USE THEM TO MAKE MONEY.  To find the files, click on BFG 2010 Compendium under Features on the right side of the page.  I made these for hardcore Battlefleet Gothic players, not to make any money off of them.  Open the last file to see how to print your own copy of the compendium.

Have fun!

By Bozeman

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