Recently, I hung out with the gamers at the Highland Library.  They play 40K and are currently involved in a campaign which is similar to a Games Workshop campaign.  In this campaign you have an “Immortal” who starts with (crappy) randomly generated stats.  Your Immortal levels up as you play until his stats are less pathetic and more godlike.

They meet monthly, and last month I visited them and played a game with Andrew, who plays Guard.  This month I had something a little more… esoteric in mind.

Behold: a Battlefleet Gothic Addendum to to the Campaign!  These rules allow people to paritcipate in Gothic games without feeling like “missing out” on the main campaign.

Above, in the image gallery, the first 3 pics are of Stephen’s Plague Marines.  He has a really good texture scheme for plague pustules, etc.

Next, the two gentlemen in the battle picture are Ian (left, Dark Eldar and Eldar) and Jory (right, Space Marines)

The closeup of the Kroot Shaper with wings is the Immortal of Sean’s Kroot Army.  He’s using an internet Kroot list OKd by Andrew, the campaign co-ordinator.  Andrew made this model back when Kroot Armies were actually GW legal out of a Kroot Shaper, Lizardmen Terradon wings, and an Ork Slugga.

Andrew’s army is up next, the Guard on the right defending against Justin’s encroaching Eldar on the left.

The Battlefleet Gothic game is the first one played using my rules.  I showed Michael (left, Imperials) and Dominik (right, Chaos) how to play.  They loved it and are going to consider getting fleets.

Next, Stephen’s Nurgle forces engage Trevor’s Ultramarines.

For the last battle picture, Robert’s Farsight Enclave Tau go up against Jacobs Dark Angels.

The final two pictures are closeups of Dominik’s Space Marine Honour Guard.  I like his scheme, it’s very dirty, like these Marines have been in the thick of it.

Next month, expect more pics and possibly a detailed battle report!

By Bozeman

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