…and here are the last two Dark Eldar Cruisers.  The Stillborn Promise and the Gift of Discord.

Next: Escorts!

By Bozeman

2 thoughts on “Last two Dark Eldar Cruisers”
  1. Hi. Recently tuned into the blog, used to play bfg quite a lot a few years back before a friend of mine passed away… Just getting back into it with a new dark. Eldar. Fleet… I’m really liking what you have going here. I am also working on a mega campaign that incorporates bfg and 40k . Drop me a line, I would love to collaborate with you on a bfg series for the blogs. Also, do you have a YouTube channel at all I was thinking of doing some bfg videos as well. I am looking for some basic bfg tactics that are more recent and notnreally old. Like cruiser composition escort roles etc, mainly your thoughts on DE but anything will do.

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