Here’s my first finished Dark Eldar Cruiser: The Bliss of Pain.  It’s not TOTALLY finished due to the fact that I left my varnish at my old place.  Durr.  Here’s the final paint scheme:

-White Primer

-Old GW Ice Blue, which was replaced by the new Layer paint Lothern Blue

-Privateer P3 Turquoise Ink

-Old GW Ice Blue drybrush, replaced by new GW dry Skink Blue (WHICH IS AWESOME.  HOLY CRAP THIS WORKS SO WELL)

-Boltgun Metal for the blades

-Chainmail highlight on the blades

-Vallejo Hexed Lichen (dark purple) for the “windows” and thrusters

-Vallejo Squid Pink highlight for the windows

-Generic black and white for the base

Next: some escorts and I go get the stupid varnish and seal this ship.

By Bozeman

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