Hi all three of you loyal readers!  You may have noticed that I haven’t updated in months.  I got a new job in the district where I had my old job, and I moved.  BUT now that I’m all alone, I can focus on modeling to a greater degree, so without further ado, here’s a list of my current projects:

-The Antonius Project: Thanks to Lexington’s generous gift at Gen Con, I now have a Lugft Huron body and two Tyberos arms from Forge World.  I’m going to make a version of Antonius to be the new Chapter Master of the Azure Flames.  Perhaps there will be a story tie in.

-Dark Eldar Fleet: Currently stinking up my new apartment with carcinogens is my assembled and primed Dark Eldar fleet for Gothic.  Paint scheme will be: white primer -> Ice Blue undercoat -> Turquoise Ink -> 25/75 Turquoise/Ice Blue drybrush -> Boltgun metal blades with a chainmail edging -> Purple lights details with 50/50 pink/purple hughlight, -> purple engines with watered down White wash.  Should look just like the fighter counters I downloaded.  Thanks to whoever Hoja is.  Click below to see.

-Blood Bowl Completion: While I have a fully painted team (Konquata Monitors) and another unpainted (Grimfang Scrappaz) I am missing a few key components such as apothecaries, Bloodweiser Babes, Coaches, Cheerleaders, etc.  I bought enough skinks and goblins at Gen Con to fill out the ranks and finish the accoutrements for both teams.  Additionally, I have to re-do a special character for the Monitors due to him actualy being a skink, not a saurus.

That’s a lot to do!  Expect the Gothic stuff soon, and mini-updates for Blood Bowl.

By Bozeman

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