So, 6th ed is currently being picked apart by pretty much every gaming site, forum, or hive-mind.  Who am I to buck a trend?

However, this post will be a page-by-page thoughts blog concentrating on the rules section.  Basically if something is worth commenting on, I’m going to.  If I skip a section (like if I don’t explain what a template is) assume it’s the same as 5th ed.

-Cover and introduction: Beautiful book.  GW is really making books that look fantastic. Even better than Fantasy 8th ed.

-p. xiv: The book doesn’t say you “need” the new buying them unless I need them.

-p. xvi: AWESOME.  At the end of the intro battle, the players get together for a pint!

-p. 4: Yes, you can pre-measure.

-p. 7: Multiple characteristics are now a thing of the past.  So, your Space Marine Captain on a Bike is T5 for purposes of insta-kill.  Codex trumps rulebook, advanced rulebook trumps basic rules, as usual.  However, it’s good that they spelled it out.  Back in 3rd ed you had to wait for a FAQ, which were notoriously nonsensical.

-p. 13: Snap fire allows heavy weapons to fire on the move @BS1.  Because Codex trumps Rulebook, I wonder if a Devastator Sergeant with a Signum would allow a moving heavy weapon to still be BS5 on the move.  Probably not though.

-p. 14: 6 does NOT auto-wound, as some rumors said!  Wraithguard can come out from behind the tanks and shrug off flashlights again.

-p 15: NEW ALLOCATION RULES for shooting.  Shooting player determines which STR or AP shots are resolved in which order, so you can blow away high-armor individuals first, or save the high STR for last to try to insta-kill a character.  Wounds are allocated closest to farthest, even with mixed saves.

-p 16: You can’t kill what you can’t see, so no more killing a whole unit because you can see one dude.  Look Out Sir! also shows up on a 4+!

-P 18: Forests are now a 5+ cover save, as are intervening units.  Focus Fire allows you to only kill models with a certain cover save, so if you say “Focus Fire 5+” models with a 4+ or better cover save are not allocated to.  This could lead to situations where you can “snipe” a character, sergeant, or heavy weapon.  I just realized you don’t have to remove according to coherency anymore, you remove based on closest, so you can cut units in 1/2 and MAKE them regain coherency, which can make heavy weapons less useful.

-p 20: You can’t assault if you ran, so the Ghazghkull 18″ assault is gone.  However, Charging is now 2D6″ so it’s still possible, just not guaranteed.

-p 21: Overwatch is not the Overwatch of 2nd ed, it’s “snap fire if you get charged.”  Overwatch never causes pinning or morale, and is only once per turn, so if you fend off chargers with overwatch fire, another unit is free to charge you unrestricted.

-p. 22: Charge through difficult terrain is 3D6 pick the two lowest, and fight at initiative 1 regardless of terrain.

-p. 23: All models “pile in” at their initiative step, even if they charged that turn!  So, if one of your dudes just barely didn’t make it into the 2″ combat zone they get another 3″!

-p. 26: Look Out Sir! applies to close combat too.  OH DANG you can choose to fail your morale check if you cannot possibly hurt the enemy (such as Guardsmen vs. Wraithlord).

-p. 27: You get ANOTHER pile-in at the end of the combat if you’re still fighting.  Disordered Charge means you don’t get +1A if you charge multiple units.

-p. 28: Further complicating multiple charges, you cannot charge a model in the secondary target unit if you CAN charge a model in the primary unit.  This means clip-charging two units to tie them up is nearly impossible.  Models can now split attacks between units.

-p. 30: Models can now regroup until 75% of the unit is eliminated, instead of 50%.  Units UNDER 25% can still regroup on a leadership roll of snake eyes!

-p. 33: Acute Senses now lets you re-roll Outflank.  ATSKNF is slightly clarified, and does not happen immediately, but there is no downside.  Also makes unit immune to “fear.”  Blast weapons can’t snap shot.  Looks like you can only shoot Krak missiles if you run!

-p. 34: New USR: Blind.  Unit takes Initiative Test, fail = WS and BS 1 until the end of their next turn.  Brotherhood of Psykers works for Grey Knight psychic units, etc.

-p. 35: Bulky = 2 models on a transport, very = 3, extremely = 5.  Crusader makes a unit better at running and sweeping advances.  There is no tiered Instant Death or Eternal Warrior.  Fear causes a Ld test @ the start of combat, a failure = WS1 for the rest of the phase.  Generic FNP is now 5+.  Fleet re-rolls the dice for running.  Fleshbane wounds on a 2+.

-p. 36: Deep Strike Mishap Table is less bad.

-p. 37: Furious Charge is now just +1 Str, not +1 I as well.  Gets Hot! now affects vehicles, so sucks to be Killa Kans with Kustom Mega Blastas!  Hammer of Wrath lets a character get one auto-hit at I 10.  Hatred only works for the first turn of combat.

-p. 38: Infiltrators cannot charge on turn 1 no matter what.  ICs without Infiltrate can’t Infiltrate with an attached unit.  It Will Not Die is 5+ regen for models, or vehicles!

-p. 39: ICs pass Look Out Sir! on a 2+ instead of a 4+, and allow units under 25% to regroup normally.  Missile Lock lets you scatter D6 instead of 2D6. Monster Hunter re-rolls wounds against MCs.

-p. 40: Night Vision ignores Night Fighting.  Preferred Enemy now only re-rolls 1s instead of all misses.

-p. 41: Rampage gets +D3 attacks if their unit is outnumbered.  Keep each model seperate, so this required bookkeeping for Rampage units with lots of different weapons.  Scout is VERY different as it allows a re-deploy, not a “move.”  Shred re-rolls all wounds. Shrouded gives 2 point bonus to cover saves.  Skilled Rider auto-passes dangerous terrain and gets +1 to “jink” saves.

-p. 42: Skyfire shoots normally vs. Flyers.  Smash allows you to attack at AP2, and then you can choose to halve your attacks, double strength, and re-roll armor pen rolls.  Snipers choose their targets on a roll of “6” to hit.  Soul Blaze sets the unit of fire, and can cause extra hits later.  Split fire allows a Ld test for ONE model to split fire.  Strafing Run grants +1BS against most units and pinning.

-p. 43: Strikedown knocks down the enemy, halving I and making it movas if in Difficult Terrain until next turn.  Swarms are no longer slowed by difficult terrain.  Tank Hunters gives a re-roll for Armor pen.  Vector Dancer allows a vehicle to turn more.  Vector Strike causes Swoopers to do hits to the enemy in the movement phase.

-p. 45: Eldar Jetbikes are insanely fast now.

-p. 46: Artillery works different now.  They have wounds instead of AV 10.

-p. 47: Jump Packs get Hammer of Wrath (impact attacks).  Jet Packs do not get this.

ARGHLEBARGLE MY BRAIN IS ON FIRE.  That’s all for now, part 2 later.

By Bozeman

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