Recently re-mounted my old whiteboard, and I realized how many dang projects I have.  Here’s a re-hash so you can pity me.

-Azure Flames: YES, they’re back!  Low priority, but I still have to make a Kor’Sarro Khan stand in, add another Scout Bike, and start the Antonius Project, making Antonius my Marneus stand in.

-Orks: Gotta paint some lads!

-Imperial Guard: Low priority, but I’d like to make a 1500 pt. Creed list and paint it up.

-Warmachine: On hold, pending possibly getting out of WM entirely.  I love the minis, but hate the way the game is going: toward even bigger things.

 -Epic Marines: Still have to paint almost 9 companies, plus tanks, Navy support, and the Reaver Titan.

-Epic Orks: High priority is to finish the 3000 pt. list.  Then, just paint lads!

-Epic Lost and the Damned: Thanks to Lexington and a few ebay auctions, I have a good host of infantry and daemons.  Now, I need the more exotic things such as Daemon Engines and Chaos Altars.  A lot of this might be scratch-build.

-Gothic Dark Eldar: All built, and ordnance is printed and laminated.  Now I need to paint.  I’m thinking Teal with purple running lights and boltgun metal blades with a Mithril Silver highlight.

Necromunda: Need to choose a color scheme for the Delaques, paint my starter gang, and then paint all of the other misc. gangers.

Blood Bowl: Gotta model some cheerleaders and Coaches for the Scrappaz, possibly some Bloodweiser Babes, Apothecaries, etc.  Then, paint the Scrappaz.  Also, I bought the old “Astrogranite” styrofoam Blood Bowl board, so I’m going to create, print, and laminate custom End Zones for the Scrappaz and the Monitors.

Epic Eldar: ON HOLD.

If Lexington could just shoot me now that would be great.

By Bozeman

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