I had another Grot so I made my fourth Goblin.  I also made four Orks that can be Linemen or Journeymen.  I’m REALLY proud of the second from the right.  Legs are Biker Legs (and so are solid and right next to each other) and the face is from the Grot sprue, a slaver head.  I always hated that head, but it’s perfect for a palooka who’s begging for someone to hit him!

I’m also quite proud of the 2nd from the left.  That’s a Slaver body with a head from the Boyz box, and the upraised arm is from the biker box (it previously held a chain).  Good pose.

Now all I need is a Troll and some Black Orcs.

My initial build of the Grimfang Scrappaz is as follows:


-2 Black Orc Blockers

-4 Blitzers

-2 Throwers

-2 Goblins

-2 Re-Rolls

-7 Fan Factor

By Bozeman

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