I have not had the pleasure of playing Blood Bowl for a while, as gas has been expensive and Lansing is far away.  Now, however, I have a new job that takes me near Lansing anyway, so it’s the perfect excuse to get some Blood Bowl!  Without further ado, here’s some of the Major Players in the Lansing Blood Bowl League.

First up is James, coach of Chaos United.  James’ team is done in a Dipping style (see my posts about dipping here and here).  The dark shading of the dip looks great on Chaos.  James used plastic Gors and Chaos Warriors.  The Minotaur is a non-GW mini which looks fantastic, and even survived a two story fall!


Phil (who declined to be photographed due to CIA involvement, presumably) routinely brings his beautifully painted Darkland Warriors, a Dark Elf team.

Alex here has gone all out, invoking Warhammer Fantasy backstory and bringing back the Dogs of War in style.  Vespero’s Vendetta, with none other than Vespero himself present (the archinve model!  SQUEE!) are an experienced, tough Human team.

Finally, Eric counters the every move of my team with his own, more experienced Lizardmen, the Thunder Lizards.  Sadly without Dee Snyder, Savage Steve Holland, or bee-grenades, this team will still make you say: “When does the hurting stop?”

And now, the Konquata Monitors face off against Vespero’s Vendetta!  Will they triumph?

No.  Vespero 2/0.  Oh darn.  At least none of my guys got hurt or killed.

By Bozeman

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