Two firsts, right here on Four Strands!  Our first international game, and our first Space Hulk post!  My family’s friends from Spain arrived yesterday, and it turns out they play Warhammer!

Hector Rueda, pictured above, plays Skaven for Warhammer Fantasy, and borrows a friend’s army to play Chaos Daemons in 40K.  His younger brother Dario doesn’t play but collects and paints various GW minis.

Their mom forbade them from playing video games for more than an hour, so I broke out Space Hulk.  Hector and Dario played mission 1, Hector as Space Marines.  He was doing well, but got too close to several intersections and let the genestealers jump him.  It went downhill from there.  Dario emerrged victorious, but then retired due to traveling fatigue.

Hector and I elected to play mission 2, him as Space Marines.  Yes, Space Hulk fans, THAT mission 2.  The one that is near goddamn impossible against a good Space Marine player.

Above, see our setup.  THSS Sergeant is on the extreme left, regular Terminators in the gray and green rooms.  Chainfist Termie in the red room near the top right, Assault Cannon near the lower right.

Turn 1 Terminators: Hector moved the assault cannon up, looking down the hallway towards the (not pictured) genestealer entry point.  Chainfist guy ripped down a door to come join him.  The two regular marines moved to the left side of the board to support the sergeant.

Turn 1 Genestelers: I brought a 3 blip on, down by the assault cannon, and another 3 on the other side.  Both blips moved up and hid.

Turn 2 Terminators:  Hector moved the assault cannon up and went on overwatch, chainfist broke another door.  Used a lot of points both turns to get chainfist up to the other red room.  THSS Sergeant advanced, one Terminator looked down hall on overwatch.

Turn 2 Genestealers: I brought on a 1 and a 3 near the assault cannon.  The blip already on the board revealed as 3, and ran up the hallway on top in the picture.  3 blip moved up behind the other 3 ‘stealers.  Lone blip up by the THSS just advanced and hid.

Turn 3 Terminators: Assault cannon moves up, turns, and opens the door.  Chainfist moves up behind him on overwatch.  THSS sergeant approaches a corner around which the lone blip is hiding.  Other termies move up on overwatch.

Turn 3 Genestealers: Drew a 1 and a 3, put both by the THSS.  A genestealer pops out, takes an overwatch and regular shot from the assault cannon (he spent a point).  It lives through both and eats the asscan for breakfast.  It has just enough movenent to get right next to Chainfist.  All the other ‘stealers move up behind him, ensuring swift doom for the chainfist guy.  Blips by THSS move up, one reveals as 3 and they hide around corners and behind doors.

Turn 4 Terminators: THSS moves up, smacks a ‘stealer to death, goes on guard with points.  Other termie moves up just far enough to see a ‘stealer and kills it with the free bolter shot you get while moving.  Doesn’t have points for overwatch.

Turn 4 Genestealers: Drew two 1s, placed by THSS side.  Swarm of stealers eat chainfist guy and move up as fast as genestealers can.  Another stealer pops out and eats the guy who got the lucky shot last turn.

Turn 5 Terminators: Last regular termie moves up, kills a ‘stealer, and goes on overwatch.  THSS sergeant moves up, attacks a ‘stealer, and dies.

Turn 5 Genestealers: Because the termie on overwatch is only looking one direction, a stealer pops out from the other way and kills him.  See the pic below!

Result: Genestealer victory!

Analysis: Hector isn’t very experienced at Space Hulk, and it shows because he went OFF GUARD with the THSS sergeant.  Never go off Guard unless genestealers are 6 or more spaces away.  He also looked down the smaller hallway with the Assault Cannon.  Correct procedure is move asscan down the hall, with another marine at the junction on overwatch.  This would allow 3 spaces between ‘stealer and Termie, not one.

Look forward to a 40K or Gothic battle report with Hector sometime soon!

EDIT: Had another Space Hulk match with Hector, this time mission 3.  The most memorable part was the last Terminator, the Assault Cannon which was completely out of ammo, going toe-to-toe with waves of ‘stealers.  Look at this pile of bodies!

By Bozeman

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