For those who haven’t read BOLS’ rumors on 6th edition, here it is:

Big Changes:

-Squad “leaders” are now more important.  Various tests are taken with their characteristics.  If a squad doesn’t have a leader in their entry, like Necron Warriors, the owning player picks one.  ICs become the “leader” of a squad if they join.  So my history of killing the Sergeant of my regular Terminators is over?  Do I have to buy him a chainfist?

-Models can only make one armor save normally, or two in certain situations.  Will massed fire become much more important?  We shall see what these vague, incomplete sentences mean.

-Most universal special rules now have a level in parentheses, such as Feel no Pain (1).  Higher levels are better, or ignore opposing special rules of lower levels.  Rock on.

-All of the things that a unit can do are spelled out clearly (according to this guy) and make sense.

-Units have actions they can do in the appropriate phase.

-Units have reactions they can do whenever the right situation permits, like shooting back when getting shot at.

-Terrain rules are slightly different and look like they make more sense.

-There are 5 phases now!  Preparation, movement, assault, shooting, and consolidation.  Splits certain parts of the turn into places that make the turn make more sense.  Hopefully will not be confusing for older players.

-Everything wounds on a 6 if it didn’t wound before.  Beware flashlights, Wraithlords!

-Wound allocation says “wound against majority,” and there are “armor groups” which I hope means different types of save.  Looks like a modified version of the 4th ed wound allocation.  There are also “directed wounds” allocated by the enemy.  Snipers get one of every two wound “directed” so sniper scouts and ratlings could make a comeback.

-Cover saves are nerfed and depend on squad leaders.  Confusingly worded here, I bet it’s explained with a picture in the 6th ed book.

-To hit is different and can be modified!  Squee!

-PISTOLS HAVE AN EFFECT IN CC!  They are a CCW, OR you can use their strength instead of yours, but gain no bonus from an additional CCW.  AP 1 2 or 3 pistols gain Rending (2) in CC!  Plasma pistols will make a comeback!

-Blast templates now determine cover without LOS, which makes sense.

-Vehicle damage is changed.  Language is confusing, but it looks like there are no more positive modifiers.

-Vehicles in a squadron treat immobilized as a weapon destroyed as long as they have weapons left.  This fixes a big problem in vehicle squadrons.

-Looks like buildings might be used often.  There are rules for shooting and ramming a building.

-Flyers!  Flyers have to move straight and then can turn up to 45 degrees.  Hard to hit, and cal always shoot all their guns.  Can “change” into a fast skimmer and back.

-Blast weapons get “instant death” against swarms!

-All missions are now about “victory points.”  Not the old victory points mind you.

-You get 1 for every tank, walker, IC, MC, or squad leader killed.

-You get 2 if a non-scoring unit holds an objective during your preparation phase.

-You get 3 if a scoring unit holds an objective during your preparation phase.

-Players get strategy points to spend to modify the mission.  They can place automatic guns, change the way Reserves work, change night fighting or terrain, or other stuff.  You can re-roll one failed roll during the game for each strategy point unspent.  Strategy points can also be spent to go first.

-There are also narrative objectives that you and an opponent can choose to use! Hooray for variety!

-Apocalypse rules included!  Permission only?  Who knows?

Looks like they’re changing the game up.  Adding more complexities while streamlining old ones.  I’m optimistic.

By Bozeman

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