Hoo boy.  Getting laid off and finishing a school year takes more time that you’d think.  Plus intruders from Spain are visiting and my ability to paint or model will be nonexistent.  However, I’m getting back in the saddle.  With a little help from Forge World.  So, without further ado, here’s what I’m going to be working on.

-Azure Flames: Twin Linked Autocannon from Forgeworld.  I USED to have a left and a right to do a Rifledread.  This has somehow changed.  I lost the right TL Autocannon, and had to buy another from Forgeworld.  Priority one: Get this done by July 8th.  Why?  I have no idea. I’m certainly not taking a rifledread in a 40K game against Lexington.

-Epic 40,000: Finish Terminators.  I’ve got some basecoated, but I ran out of free time while working on them.  They’re next.  Then I fill out the rest of my 3000 pt. “teaching list.”  Then, strip my Great Gargant and paint 3000 pts of Orks.

-Warmachine: Menoth starter box after Epic.  ON HOLD.

-Necromunda: Delaque gang.  ON HOLD.

-Azure Flames: I recently bought 5 Maximus armour Marines from Forge World.  I’m going to custom-mod these by adding sculpted flames and braziers to them to make the Lightguard: Chapter Master Perseus’ Honour Guard.  I’ll never use ’em but they’ll look FANTASTIC.  I’ve also got a few plans for another famous Azure Flames character… Status: ON HOLD. The Flames are complete enough for now.

-Orks: Need to complete painting all minis, possibly buy one more box of Boys but no more. Status: ON HOLD though I might bump these in front of the Flames now that the weather’s nice.

-The Saratogan 58th: Need to build most of the minis and paint up at least 1500 points to start learning how to play Guard.  Status: ON HOLD.  Way too much on my plate to start an army from almost scratch.

By Bozeman

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