As those 3 people who read this blog know, I post each link to each new post on my Facebook page so that friends can keep up with my inane, possibly syphilis-induced ramblings.   Some, however, have no idea what I do this blog and this hobby for.

So, why again with the tiny mans and the painting?

1. It’s awesome. Seriously, who doesn’t think that an army of nine-foot tall super soldiers clad in powered armour is cool?  If you said “me” then do everyone a favor and jump out of a tall building, please.  I wouldn’t play a game if I thought the idea behind the game was dumb.

2. It gives me an outlet for my artistic imagination. During almost all of my pre-college years, I was vehemently anti-art.  In high school I had some fun in Metals, Ceramics, and Drawing and Painting, but most of the time I felt inadequate based on the works of the talented artist kids in the room.  Plus, my elementary art teacher was a HORRIFIC NIGHTMARE of a woman for whom all I did was worthless and deserving of hate and venom.  When I started painting minis, not only did it fill the vacuum in my creativity left empty for so long, but it also made me feel good because it was an art thing I was good at.  Wooo self esteem.

3. All wargames are social. While there are a few people who just paint minis to paint them, I do it to play the game.  To do this, I need people other than myself, which means getting out of the house and speaking to other human beings.  This is one of the few things keeping me from letting my beard grow and saving my urine in a jar.

4. It’s fun. The entire point to do all of these things is to have fun.  If you don’t think wargaming can be fun then A: youve never tried it, B: you haven’t found the right wargame that appeals to your aesthetic and creative tastes, or C: you suck.  For A and B, the answer is to get gaming and ask people about games they play.  For C, stop sucking.

So there’s another little manifesto whipped into the internet due to boredom.  I hope you relieved as much boredom from reading it as I did by writing it.  Now, as cliches are the order of the day, I shall ride off into the sunset.  Goodnight and good luck.

By Bozeman

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