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Finished Chaos Fleet!

The above ordannce markers are the last thing for my Chaos fleet!  20 fighters, 21 bombers, 20 Forgeworld Dreadclaw assault boats (yes there's one per base, they're expensive) and 8 count 'em 8 custom converted torpedo bomber bases!

All were glued to 20mm fantasy bases.  The torpedoes for the torpedo bombers are bristles from a $3 woman's purse hairbrush.

The final picture is the fleet!  There are fewer escorts for Chaos compared to my Imperial Navy fleet.  However, I do have the Repulsive Grand Cruiser re-based onto a large base so I can buy the 3rd shield.  I also have a LOT more ordnance because my Chaos fleet is pretty carrier heavy.

Next: Defences!!

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