The Azure Flames Color Scheme

March 24, 2011
24 Mar/11

Back when I was first getting in to 40K (in 2001), I bought the games Workshop Mega Paint Set (which for those who don’t know is one of every GW paint plus burushes, etc.).  After painting several minis from the old board game HeroQuest, I sat down to make a scheme for my newly chosen Salamanders Successors.

But I didn’t want them to be green.

So, I just copied parts of several other schemes and blended them together, with a hint of inspiration from Mega Man.

Could you tell?

Anyway, the scheme is as follows:

-Storm Blue undercoat (now discontinued by GW, substitute Stormy Blue by Vallejo)

-Blue Ink (also discontinued, washes from GW don’t do the same thing, so use P3 blue ink)

-Enchanted Blue details (wrists, helmet ridges, aquilla, etc. with ice blue highlights.

-Chainmail drybrushed over black for metal. (backpack, gun, etc.)

-Scab red with Red Gore highlights for purity seal wax, and bleached bone with skull white highlights for paper (cracks inked black)

– Bolters are Blood Red over Mechrite Red, eyes are Mechrite, Blood red and then Blazing Orange (lighter near front) with skull white dot.

-(not shown) Company is marked on kneepad or greave with Enchanted and Ice Blue symbol.

-(not shown) Squad number is on shoulder pad (and bottom of base) in Roman Numeral with color denoting company

-Veteran’s Shoulder Rims in Vallejo Gold

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