The Victory Point, the Kill Point, and Missions (or, Get Off My Lawn, you kids!)

March 20, 2011
20 Mar/11

One of the most hotly contested parts of 5th edition is Kill Points.  After all, it seems to hideously disadvantage certain armies (orks, guard, nids) and greatly favor others (Chaos, Marines etc.).  If only there was some way to value a unit based on how powerful it was and judge the game on that…

Oh.  Wait.  We already had that.  It was called Victory Points and it used the exact same points system that you use to make your army!  Essentially a destroyed unit gave it’s full points cost to the opponent, and a 50% unit or an immobilized vehicle gave 50% of its points.  It made it so that armies that had a lot of cheap units was just as tactically viable as an army that had few expensive units.

Now admittedly in 5th ed’s awful mission system, only 1/3 of the games rely on kill points.  But it’s just stuck with me how unfair kill points are to the horde armies.

Some have defended Kill points in that in the Victory Point system, you didn’t tend to risk expensive units.  After all, if they kill your expensive Space Marine Command Squad with a lucky tank shell, you were out almost 400pts, handing the victory to the enemy.  With Kill Points, your decked out command squad is worth just as much as a 10 grot mob, so if you lose it, big deal.  While this is valid, it’s not a good enough reason to keep kill points.

The bottom line?  We need more missions.  I liked the mission book at first, but if the main missions in the rulebook are chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream cones, then the missions book is chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream in a bowl.  It’s the same idea, presented slightly differently.

We need more flavors.  We need a new missions book that is the Baskin Robbins of 40K.  Bring back Meat Grinder, Assassinate! and Breakout.  I had some amazing games with those old missions.  Let’s get some variety.

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One response to “The Victory Point, the Kill Point, and Missions (or, Get Off My Lawn, you kids!)”

  1. kaji says:

    I do agree w/ you on the point of kill points. How many battles have I lost because all my troops were totally destroyed and all I’m left w/ is monstrous creatures. Ugh, how boring right? Here’s an idea, how about kill points being tied to the value of a unit, ie 1 kill point/100 pts of value. Might work. That way no army has more or less kill points than any other… and added bonus, since termagaunts formed from the tervigon (since they cost 0 pts) don’t have to hide because they’re essentially not worth a kill point. Perhaps we should play test this and see how well it works out as a house rule. Food for thought.

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