Lexington had an idea for Gretchin crew on a stompa, but needed some Out of Print plastic Night Goblins.  He showed me the pics.  Here is a comparison between those old plastic Night Goblins and the current ones.  Old ones on top, new ones on bottom.

Check out those old minis.  Big noses.  Varied expressions.  And that’s only five of the minis from the old box!  The new ones are more same-y.  Their faces are less fun, more “ooga-booga we’re scary.”  They’re not BAD, but they’re not as good as the old ones.  Same thing with the new plastic Horrors of Tzeentch as opposed to the old 3rd edition pewter horrors.  Again, old on top.

See how the old horrors seem to be in the very process of changing?  Like they are actively mutating, and they were frozen in time and cast in pewter.  The new ones look OK, and are actually closer to the old Horrors from 2nd ed.  Plus they are plastic, which is lighter.  But those old Horrors are so BIZZARE.

Now let me say that THESE ARE EXCEPTIONS.  Usually new kits are better than old kits.  For the Space Ork Boyz box, the bitz hardly changed but they got a lot of extra little things to add, like piles of shells and an Ork skull.  New Space Marine Devastator box has awesome heavy weapons that are more detailed than the old pewter counterparts.  New models usually mean better models.

But not always.  This is part of the First Strand: Choosing your minis.  Sure Lexington could use the new Night Goblins.  But he wants a specific look.  That’s why sometimes you have to look back to go forward.

By Bozeman

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