Governor Soole of Saratoga fell afoul of the dark powers of Chaos in 326M37. Keeping the secret with his trusted lieutennants, he spread the corruption slowly. His wife, the lady Kylen, was a vision of loveliness, and an idol to the people. When she discovered her husband’s heresy, she refused to join him. He had her imprisoned within the Governor’s estate. Lady Kylen escaped through an air duct, and snuck around the estate, listening in on her husband’s plans. When the time was right, she snuck out, killed two guards, and forced her way into Governor Soole’s broadcast studio during one of his addresses. She exposed his heresy on live electronic broadcast to the entire planet, and beheaded him on the spot. She then said the words which are still etched into the mind of every Saratogan recruit today:

“Fear not the powers of the archenemy, for if your faith is strong, you can overcome them. Rise up, for the Emperor, and take back your world from those who would corrupt it. Look into your hearts and find the strength to win back your freedom. I believe in you…”

Her crude barricade on the door failed, and at that instant, she was cut down in a hail of las-fire in full view of everyone on the planet. Riots ensued, supported by the local Arbites in places. Thus began the resistance. Women took up arms alongside men, and fought the PDF forces loyal to the former governor. Pendants that played an audio recording of Lady Kylen’s last words became popular. Men and Women torn by the grief of war found comfort in those four words “I believe in you”, giving them the strength and faith to purge the Chaos taint. by 351M37, on the very anniversary of Lady Kylen’s martyrdom, the last pockets of Chaos on the planet were eradicated. Thanks to the words of one woman, a planet wrested free of the corruption of the Dark Gods and once again turned to the Emperor’s light.

By Bozeman

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