Three Dauntless Light Cruisers, Lance armament.  I don’t think I need torpedoes, as I have a bunch of ships that do that.

The Surprise is named after the ship in the made for T.V. scifi movie Star Command.  The plot was that Earth is fighting a group of seceding space colonies.  An enemy fleet of 5 battleships is on the way to Earth to destroy it, and only the D.R.E Surprise, a destroyer manned by cadets, can stop them.  It was a great little movie, though low budget.

The Roanoke is named after both the American colony and the colony in John Scalzi’s The Last Colony.

The Kestrel is named after the best non-military ship from Escape Velocity by Ambrosia Software.

Next: More cruisers and escorts, then Chaos, then Defences, then Done With Gothic!

By Bozeman

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