This will cover the rest of the units.  For those who have been wanting a more in-depth analysis, that comes after I finish the units in the book.


-Grey Knight Terminators: Not as bad as the paladins because they have only 1 wound and no FNP.  However, you can make each model equipped differently so there can be creative allocation.  Same price as normal Space Marine terminators but with more options.  One of these can get the upgrade character Thawn.  Thawn essentially has “We’ll be back” from the Necrons.  When he dies, you put a Dead Thawn counter on the board.  Next turn on a 4+ he may be placed back in play within 1″ of the counter with 1 wound as a separate unit.  I can see this being HELL of annoying, but he’s not that ridiculous.

-Grey Knight Strike Squad: Regular Grey Knights.  Two new things.  One: personal teleporters.  Once per game the unit can move 30″ ignoring terrain.  They cannot assault and count as moving, but can still shoot.  They can’t take these if they take a dedicated transport.  Two: the same new weapons the terminators can take, such as a Nemesis Hammer and a pair of Nemesis Falchions, and a Nemesis Stave.  What do these do?  I have no idea.  My “rumors” don’t have the wargear section.

Dedicated Transports

-Rhino: It’s a Rhino.  It can take some special upgrades and even some psychic powers.  Fortitude shakes off Shaken and Stunned results.

-Razorback: It’s a Razorback.  See above.

-Inquisitorial Chimera: It’s a chimera for the Henchmen.  A couple extra upgrades compared to the Guard one.

Fast Attack

-Stormraven Gunship: I have a problem with this.  Not the Stormraven, it’s the same as the Blood Angel one but with Grey Knight rules and upgrades.  My problem is IT’S THE ONLY FAST ATTACK SELECTION.  Play Grey Knights?  BUY THREE.  This seemed to be designed to sell Stormravens.  I would have made a 2nd Fast attack choice Grey Knights with the Personal Teleporters, and taken the option away from the Troops choice.  But now they will sell more Stormraven kits.  Boo-urns.

Heavy Support

-Purgation Squad: Grey Knights that can take 4 special/heavy weapons.  Other than the new options, the same as before.

-Dreadnought: As the Ven Dread, but without the Ven.  Basically a Space Marine Dread with Grey Knight rules and upgrades.  I would have liked to see the Psycannon and Incinerator as weapons for all Grey Knight Dreads, as I thing Forge World makes a Dread Psycannon bit.

-Nemesis Dreadknight: Dumb name.  It’s a Carnifex with better stats.  Worse, it can take a Personal Teleporter, so it can zoom 30″ and dare the enemy to kill it.  It’s toughness 7 so Meltaguns wound on a 3.  I think this is dumb.  If a Space Marine is injured, they can put it in a big armored case and it’s a vehicle.  If a Grey Knight (already in a suit of armor) steps into a BIGGER suit of armor, he’s a monstrous creature.  Come on.  The guy is right there.  It should have the special rule “Headshot” where models with the Sniper ability that roll a 6 to hit and successfully wound kill the Dreadknight outright.  From the blurry pictures on the internet, it’s 5-7″ tall, so it’s a bit shorter than the Defiler, and the Defiler is a vehicle!  Plus it has a 2+/4+ invul so on average you’d need 24 shots with Plasma Guns at BS 4 to kill it.  Grey Knights did not need this.

-Land Raider Variants: Same as SM Land Raiders, but with Grey Knight options and Fortitude Psychic Power.

By Bozeman

One thought on “Review of Grey Knight “rumors” part 3.”
  1. If I remember correctly, the nemesis hammer is a thunder hammer with an added ability (don’t remember what) as well as demon slayer (or whatever theanti demon ability is). The falcions are lightning claws with demon bane, and the stave is a power weapon that grants an inv save (4+ or 5+, can’t remember). Check the rumors stuff on BoLS.

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