Review of Grey Knight “rumors” part 2.

February 25, 2011
25 Feb/11

My previous installment dealt with HQ choices.  Time to move on to the Elites.

Techmarine – Pretty similar to Marine Techmarine.  Servo harness standard, lot of options.  Doesn’t look too ridiculous.

Purifiers – Power armor Grey Knights.  They can take a variety of weapons, and two special weapons per 5 models.  Expensive.  Can custom tailor to any foe with expensive weapons.

Venerable Dreadnought – Like the SM VenDread, but more expensive.  Has Aegis, and a few GK upgrades like psybolt ammo.  Nothing special.

Paladins – OK.  Here is a problem.  Upside they are expensive for what you get.  Downside what you get BREAKS THE GAME.  Two wound Terminators, can take an Apothecary for FNP, each can take different weapons so you can allocate however you want.  This is another Nob Bikers unit.  UGH.

Assassins – Similar to what they were before.

Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband – HENCHMEN!  Huge variety.  Arco Flagellants have FNP, good stats.  Banishers make Daemons within 6″ re-roll invuls.  Crusaders are combat oriented, several options.  Jokaero Weaponsmiths are AWESOME!  They give you neat bonuses, the least of which is ORANGUTANS IN YOUR ARMY.  Mystics are walking teleport homers.  Daemonhosts are still random, but at least ALL Daemonhosts in the unit now get the same power every turn, making an all-daemonhost unit pretty scary.  Death Cult Assassins are still combat nightmares.  Servitors are servitors, no change.  Psykers have a shooting psychic power.  Warrior acolytes are more combat guys.  This squad is 3-12 in size and can take a Chimera.  This might have hidden combos I’m not seeing that are ridiculous, but it looks fun for now.

Next: Troops!

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