I inserted magnets into teh top and front of the body.  I then put magnets in the Hunter Killer missiles.  To put the magnets in the Frag Assault Launchers, first I placed the magnets that go in the launchers on the body, stuck to the magnets they will be next to when the launchers are on.  Next, I dabbed a small amount of paint on each magnet, and placed the launcher on them while the paint was wet.  I then used my pin vise to drill into the painted spots.  Slowly.  I did it one turn at a time, and kept going until the magnet JUST fit.

For the arms, you can see I have not magnetized the arm guns.  I chose an appropriate kit-out for situations.  Chainfist Hammer Meltagun and Storm Bolter for MEQs and Fist, Hurricane Bolter, and Heavy Flamer for light armor enemies.

Painting was done in the Azure Flames style.

By Bozeman

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