So there have been a lot of rumors about the upcoming Grey Knights codex.  I’m going to look at a “compilation” of “rumors” that is not a “scanned pdf” and I will review each entry over the next few days.  Today: HQ Choices.

Lord Draigo: Powerful against Daemons, but not so much against everyone else.  A bit expensive, but worth it against Eldar Seer Council, or Chaos Daemons.

Mordrak: Neat, lets you take stealth Terminators.

Stern: Better now that he doesn’t let your enemy take a free Greater Daemon of Tzeentch.  A nice beatstick.

Crowe: Great against Guard, good for a boost for a squad.  Nice points value.

Grand Master: Customizable, perfect for making your own character.  Brings back the old Master Crafting of anything you want.  For 5 pts, which is what they should have cost in 3rd ed.

Brother Captain: So, you didn’t want to pay 15 extra points for the Grandmaster, and you’re OK shooting hitting on a 2 instead of a 2 with a 6 re-roll.  That’s fair.  Good choice.

Brotherhood Champion: Cheap and good.  Weapons skill 7.  Suck it, Genestealers.  Not very customizable.  Perhaps too cheap?  Great for killing powerful models with Eternal Warrior (it says “removed” not “causes instant death.”)

Librarian: Similar to Space Marine Librarian, the Cherry Coke to their Original.

Coteaz: Still an idiotic name, but he’s very nice if you want to protect against deep strikers or outflankers.  Also, did you just seize the initiative?  Coteaz gives you the finger.

Karamazov: I HAVE A BIG CHAIR!  DOES ANYONE LIKE MY CHAIR?  Not bad, but a big target.  Blows up your own guys if you want to.  Charge your half-strength stormtroopers into Abbadon and then drop a pie plate on them.

Valeria: Bonus points for the best name in the codex (after the queen of lesbian glam pop, or so I imagine).  Erases an enemy character.  Neat weaponry.

Various Inquisitors: Good.  Each ordo has it’s own unique flavor.  EXCELLENT for storytelling.  Customizable in lots of ways.

By Bozeman

One thought on “Review of Grey Knight “rumors.””
  1. First, I would have been happier NOT having ever been exposed to that “singer.” What the hell was that crap?

    Second, how about some more detail for those of us who don’t have the infamous “scanned pdf”? What does each HQ choice do (broadly)? Then tell us how awesome (or not) they are.

    Third, I’m going to be in Michigan over the weekend. Anyone going to be around the 21C area?

    Finally, Death to the False Emperor!

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