I’d like to share a little story that proves to me how much having a gaming group can mean.

One of the players in our old gaming group, Studio 40K, was Matt.  Of course, there was another Matt (the one I panited Gehn for) so we called this Matt “Little Matt” much to his dismay.  Matt played Chaos.  Matt LOVED Chaos.  He had two Chaos Space Marine armies: Khornate and Iron Warriors.  His Khornate army was the first to teach me: DON’T LET BERZERKERS GET A CHARGE.  His Iron Warriors showed me that Chaos with guns was just as brutal.  He loved putting plasma pistols on aspiring champions, which was odd because he always ended up overheating.

Matt rarely brought both armies to club, as that was too much to carry.  He did have several of the old GW black cases for each army.  One day he brought his Khorne army.  He was a bit early, and only myself and a few others were there.  Foolishly we went to go get our armies and some terrain from a car.

Matt’s Khorne army was gone by the time we got back.

Although Matt’s favorite army was the Iron Warriors, he still loved the Khorne army and put a huge amount of work into it.  Not to mention several hundred dollars.  He was beside himself with rage.

During the night, the club took up a secret collection.  Next week we presented Matt with several hundred dollars, scraped up from the spare bills in the wallets of all the club members.  Some gave even more generously.  Matt used the money to expand his Iron Warriors, as he liked them better than the Khorne army anyway.

Our group was something special.  I hope to found that kind of special bond for students in the club I wish to make when I get a High School job.  If they band together the same way Studio 40K did, they’ll be friends for life and have an experience they’ll never forget.

P.S. If you are the guy that stole 2 black cases from Mary Mayo hall in the winter of 2001-2002, please die in a garbage compactor.

By Bozeman

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