The pewter Librarian with Force Axe model is a good one, as his weapon is up high.  I used a jeweler’s saw to cut under the book on his waist, up, across the waist under the belt buckle, down underneath the Frag Grenades, and out.  The legs were used for one of my Sternguard.  The Master of the Ravenwing pewter book was glued to the front, and the old pewter Bike shotgun from the old Scout Bikes was added, as well as the pewter scout bedroll.  The pewter cloak of Malus Darkblade was added to a standard Space Marine backpack.  Painted in the standard Azure Flames color scheme.

This is an old picture.  The base has since been replaced with the new Bike base.

By Bozeman

2 thoughts on “Azure Flames Librarian on Bike”
  1. It’s been, like, six years since you made this, and only now am I realizing that the book should probably have some scorch marks on it from the bolter rounds. 😛

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