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February 19, 2011
19 Feb/11

So for those that read the battle report previous to this, you know I played John in Battlefleet Gothic.  We took off in search of some gaming space at Pandemonium Games in Garden City.  Sadly, the place was crawling with Yu-Gi-Oh players and there was not a board to be found.

A quick call to Lexington and John pulled up the address for RIW Games in Livonia, which is actually closer to my house.  We checked the store, but it was full of merchandise, no gaming space.  I bought some paint and asked if there was gaming space in the back.  The clerk told me that they have space in the same shopping area, but in a non-adjacent building.  We pushed some tables together and got our game on, see the previous post for details.

During our prep, a man playing some sort of counter-terrorism board game noticed our Gothic game.  He mentioned Epic, and I said that I played Epic.  He pointed to a box of old bitz, filled with Epic stuff and said that in the room next door, there was a local Epic club playing!  I introduced myself to them, and learned they have a forum:

Hopefully I can get some games of Epic!  All this from patronizing my (slightly closer) Local Game Store.  They’re important!

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