Memorable Games: Andy’s Map Campaign (me vs. Lexington)

February 18, 2011
18 Feb/11

For those unfamiliar with Map Campaigns, check out this link:

Familiar with the basics?  Good.  Joe’s was not the only memorable map campaign.  Andy put on TWO.  One for Fantasy and one for 40K.  I didn’t participate in the Fantasy one, but it was a GREAT idea.  Essentially, a new Island appeared in the Warhammer Fantasy world, rich with Warpstone deposits.  Every territory had a value.  Coastal areas were a 6+, inland was 5+ and the slopes of the central mountain were a 4+, while the caldera was a 2+ but had nasty side effects if you rolled a 1.  You got Warpstone from successful rolls each week, and the player with the most warpstone won.  A great idea.  Fantasy had never been played as much at our old Studio 40K club.

Andy’s other campaign was pretty standard.  Unlike Joe’s campaign it was every person for themselves!  I forget who “won” but it was just because the campaign went on too long.  Here’s why I’ll never forget the campaign:

Me and Lexington had a knock-down drag-out competition the whole time.  We literally never fought anyone else.  We had some GREAT games that boiled down to this:  If the Orks got there, Lexington won.  If they didn’t I won.  Zagdakka, Lex’s Warboss had some great victories and some horrible defeats.  Par for the course for Zagdakka.  My army leader was a 35 point Space Marine.  Back in the 3rd edition there was a Space Marine HQ choice that had a Veteran Sergeant statline for 30 points.  I gave him a Storm Bolter and boom: HQ slot filled for 35 points letting me take more Terminators and Devastators.

Another cool thing about Andy’s 40K campaign was that all the territories were occupied except one.  This territory belonged to the Nightbringer and Andy’s Necrons.  This was between me and Lex, so no other player could get to it without going through us.  On the last night of the tournament, I attacked the Nightbringer.  Andy left the model at home, so he ceded and declared that I won!  This has to be the easiest kill of a horrific star god clad in living metal EVER.

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2 responses to “Memorable Games: Andy’s Map Campaign (me vs. Lexington)”

  1. Lexington says:

    Don’t let the prose fool you, folks – I think I managed to pull out exactly *one* game against the Madman throughout the entire campaign. The rest were evenings written in the heavy greens of Ork blood.

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