A variety of Nobs and a Painboy.  These can be used as Boyz squad Nobs or a Nobs squad.  They work well in either case.  Very minor conversions involved.  Most models are from the Plastic Nobs box or are Assault on Black reach Nobs.  Good variety of weapons.  I even got the special WAAAAGH banner with power klaw model to round them out.  A Nobs squad without a WAAAAGH banner is at about 1/2 effectiveness as it causes them to hit Space Marines on a 3.  Here’s some numbers:

PK and WAAAAGH! banner: 1

PK: 6 (one is not shown)

Shoota-Skorcha: 1

Big Choppas: 2

Choppas: 3

Painboy: 1

Grot Orderly: 1

With 3 regular Boyz squads with PK Nobs I can field a decent sized squad of foot Nobs in a mounted list or my Smartyskull all-walking list.  Good times.

By Bozeman

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