Back during the buildup to the Big Game 5, Lexington had a forum up for us.  I used this as a way to show the other players what I was doing and keep track of what I NEEDED to do.  Periodically I will make posts, such as this one, which will have all of my projects AND their status.

-Blood Bowl: Finish Star Players and 4 more skinks.  Status: Current project. Just started Star players.

-Battlefleet Gothic: Need to paint a few escorts, three light cruisers, two regular cruisers, and a mess of defenses and transports. Status: In progress. This is close to being done.

-Necromunda: Need to finish my Orlock gang, and start painting Delaques.  I also need to get more tabs from Jen so that I can use the Necromunda board she made for me.  Status: In progress. Orlocks are 1/2 painted.

-Azure Flames: Need to convert a stand in for Kor’Sarro Khan, and mod up a Chaplain on Bike.  I also need to conceptualize an Honor Guard unit for Perseus.  Status: ON HOLD. The Flames are complete enough for now.

-Orks: Need to complete painting all minis, possibly buy one more box of Boys but no more. Status: ON HOLD pending spring.  I need warm temperatures outside to do dipping, as I cannot do it indoors due to cares.

-The Saratogan 58th: Need to build most of the minis and paint up at least 1500 points to start learning how to play Guard.  Status: ON HOLD.  Way too much on my plate to start an army from almost scratch.

-Warmachine: Need to paint Cygnar, and think of a color scheme for Mercs.  Status: ON HOLD. Don’t play Warmachine a lot nowadays.

-Epic 40,000: Have to get more Space Marine Rhinos, and paint both a huge Space Marine army and Ork army.  Status: ON HOLD.  Once again, too much on my plate.

It would be nice if I could have infinite time…

By Bozeman

3 thoughts on “On my plate…”
  1. Holy crap, you’ve got an army painted?

    Lets see, I’ve got about 2000 points of orks (mostly boys, burnas, and nobz), roughly 1500 chaos, and a lot of random other stuff. Not to mention I plan on getting more stuffs.

    This is a bad hobby if you ever want to be done with something.

    1. Sounds like your Ork army would benefit from Ghazgkull. I’ve had a LOT of success with Foot Orks that have a guaranteed 18″ charge. Meganobz are the shizzl but are expensive to buy, as they are all individual pewter minis. Also, strangely, they are given out randomly and Skorchas are rare. Of the 10 I bought, 1 was a Skorcha, 5 Rokkit and 4 twin shootas.

      1. I was planning on using two goblin shamans as weirdboyz actually (pretty decent chance of a waagh every turn)

        But Ghazgkull might be fun as well.

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