So I’ve been writing a lot about lack of balance and overpowered units.  Nob bikers are the worst of the lot.

So of course I had to have some.  Just to keep things even…

All of these use the Nob box set and the Ork Warbike box set.  Some of the torsos were taken from the Ork Boys box set (the Nob body).  Some of the legs are regular Ork Biker legs and some are plastic Nob legs sawed and re-puttied to look good.  It’s hard to tell the difference.

So, as you can see from the weapon kit, I’ve made a lot of different options.  Several Power Klaws and Big Choppas.  There’s also one regular choppa.  These have alternating Bosspoles and sans-bosspoles to create more annoying variety.

There’s also a Painboy.  The Mask was made with putty.  The syringe is made from the Ork Nob Harpoon Arm bionik, with the spool removed and the harpoon shaved down.  A pin vise made the hole, and the canister is a Space Marine Meltabomb shaved down.  The Grot Orderly mask is actually a grot head from the Plastic Gretchin box, and also uses the Ammo Runt arms with the Stikkbomb carved out.  The bag is made of putty.

The WAAAAAGH! banner is made of brass rod and plasticard with the Ork skull on top.  The glyphs read “WAAAAAGH!  Smartyskull” in Ork.

In games I have used them, they have performed like you’d think they would.  I usually don’t include them because it’s not fun to just have them rampage through everything and win uncontested.

By Bozeman

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