Rukkstud uses mostly parts from the new Plastic Nob box.  The feet were removed and replaced with a slugga and choppa hand.  The backpack’s base is a plank from the Ork Trukk sprue, with a new plastic Stormboy backpack and two Castellan class missiles from the Space Marine Whirlwind sprue.

The pistons are clear plastic tubes, sawed into the correct lengths.  The tubes were capped by filling the ends with putty.  The rivets are putty blobs, flattened.  The rod connecting the pistons is plasticard, inserted into holes drilled through the cured putty.  Rukkstud is mounted on a flying stand in a normal base.


Rukkstud was dipped.  Extra mud was added to the pistons, to show he usually walks on those.


Orks are not afraid of injury. In fact, they live to fight. However, most Orks find being severely injured a situation of grave ponderance.

Because then you have to go to da’ Dok.

And no one wants that. Well, a few madboyz might not mind being cut on for fun, and sure some doks are good at what they do, but in Poindexta Smartyskull’s camp, Dok Gillgivva is a rightly feared icon both because of his propensity for giving a patient gills, but also because he is quite big, and strong. So, Orks injured in battle (or out of battle, as is the case with Rukkstud) often do not go to the dok, as they prefer to breathe air for what time they have left to live.

Rukkstud (who was then called Flashzagga da Reckless) chose not to go see the dok when he was injured. One of the Kans got loose again, and managed to neatly slice both of Flashzagga’s arms off. Without the arms, his Rokkit pack fell off, and nearly squished his adjutant, Runtee

Runtee, being a quick witted Grot, grabbed up his master’s arms and suggested that rather than seeing da Dok, that they see da Mek instead. Flashzagga agreed, partly because he was a quart low on blood and did not have very good decision making abilities at the time. The conversation with Manik Upzindownz went like this: 

“Oi Mek! Dat kan took me armz off at da shoulder! Youse gots any bioniks dat would make it so’z I’z still a Stormboy?” 

“Well, lemme see. First we gotta” *KLANG*

The next thing Flashzagga realized, he had a headache, he was on a table, and his arms had been replaced by giant adamantium pistons. Furious and groggy, he tore out of his restraints before Upzindowns could install the various power-assist systems needed to make lifting the piston-arms easier. Flashzagga limped out of the tent like an ape, flinging both pistons out, then balancing on them and jumping forward. He finally found that Runtee had been eaten by a Squighound, and that the hound had eaten most of his upper arms as well. Furious, Flashzagga attempted to smash the Squighound with one of the pistons. This proved difficult as the pistons were enormously heavy, but soon, the Squighound fled, and he was left with his hands. He awkwardly picked them up in his mouth, and finally went to see Dok Gillgivva.

“Dok, I’z in a bind. Dat crazee mek done gave me piston arms! I needs my hands, dok, and not any gills. Now do it wif no anna-stetic, cuz I wanna be wide awake.”

Flashzagga had always been known for his temper. The dok, sadly, put away his anesthetic mallet and considered the situation. The arms were gone, but the boy needed hands. Can’t go at the shoulders, the boy wants the pistons. Hmmmm….

” ‘Ow much you like dem feet?”

“Don’ care much for feet, gots pistons now! You finkin’ wot I’m finkin?”

He was.

After about a week of getting used to having hands at the end of his legs, Rukkstud (as he now called himself) went back to Upzindowns, finished the installation, and had him make a Rokkit pack powerful enough to lift both him and the pistons. Now, Rukkstud ‘Andfoot crashes into crowds of his enemies, pistons blazing. When he lands, his hand-foot dexterity makes his close combat skills a frightful sight to behold. His temper is still as violent as ever, and he routinely shoots or pistons Stormboyz fleeing from combat, or indeed anyone who makes fun of his prized piston-arms or hand-feet.

By Bozeman

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