Jelnac’s torso is the Blood Angel Techmarine with Jump Pack torso.  Standard bike and legs.  Modded left palmtop to be textured like the right one, from Torquemada Coteaz with the Thunder Hammer.  Backpack is a standard old Techmarine Servo Arm.

The Conversion Beamer was based on the old Conversion Beamer (see pic above, the blue gun).  The Sidecar was a standard pewter attack bike sidecar.  I used a Chaos Defiler Battle Cannon mount for the hinge.  It is attached to the sidecar with a filed piece of Defiler armor and some putty.  The Chaos star was filed off, and a seven-toothed cog sculpted.  Into this cog, I pressed the filed down skull from a Servo Skull which looks like the Ad Mech logo.

The central plasma coil is a Gene Seed canister from the Battle For Macragge box set.  Sprue and plasticard rod made the rest of the body.  The lower cable is guitar wire.  The dish is a Tau Battle Suit Shield Generator, filed and puttied to be a smooth dish.  Part of a Space Marine Radar Dish antenna (the small one from the new sprue) comes up from the bottom.  The antenna is an old antenna from the 2nd ed Space Marine Vehicle sprue.


The only painting flourish I’m proud of is the screen on Jelnac’s bike.  I painted a Matrix-code-like pattern of falling green characters, blending from Scorpion Green to a mix of Snot and Dark Angels green.


The Azure Flames are barely 400 years old as of the end of M41. How, then, did they get a Pre-Heresy weapon in their arsenal? This conversion beamer belonged to the Myridian Suns Space Marine Chapter. When they fell to Chaos, the Azure Flames cleansed their homeworld of Myridia and destroyed every last Myridian Sun. Their Geneseed was quarantined and their wargear studiously poured over by the Techmarines and Librarium of the Azure Flames to prevent the taint of Chaos from touching the chapter. Few artifacts were salvaged, most were corrupted beyond hope of salvation by the traitors, but Brother Jelnac brought forth the remains of a Conversion Beamer taken from the Master of the Forge of the Myridian Suns. The Beamer was damaged, as Jelnac had smashed part of it with his Thunder Hammer during the fight.

After being declared free of taint, the Beamer was given to Jelnac. The old power source was damaged beyond repair, and the matter inversion coil was totaled. Jelnac modified a plasma coil to replace the matter inversion coil, and mounted the beamer on a Space Marine Attack Bike to provide power. Now, one of the most ancient weapons of mankind is at the disposal of the Azure Flames.

By Bozeman

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