Manik uses the Assault on Black Reach plastic Warboss.  His Big Shoota was cut out of his hand, and his hand was cut off and turned 90 degrees to hold the handlebars of the bike.  The wrist was joined with putty.  The legs were modded to fit a bike, which included destroying the tabard.  The Arrows are cut from plasticard.

The Trike Conversion entailed using a regular Ork Bike wheel for the third wheel and a Trukk wheel for the front wheel.  The third wheel was held on using the ammo belt as an extension.  The guns include two Ork Bike guns and an Imperial Guard Autocannon.  Extra Ammo canisters were added.  The Front shocks of the bike were sawn apart, and the main bars replaced with bent brass rods.  The Plasma Cannon comes from the old pewter Chaos Space Marine Dreadnought.  The bit was sawed apart using a jeweler’s saw which was INTENSELY PAINFUL to do.  The jaws are standard Ork Bike fronts.

Painting was done using the standard dipping method.  Extra care was given to the reds and yellows to make them pop.  Boltgun metal was added to edges on the back banner to make it appear worn.


Never challenge a Weirdboy to a Staring Contest. Not even if the prize is the tastiest squig you’ve ever seen.

Mag da Mekboy made this mistake. For two years he hung out with the Madboys, making as much sense as a Grot Warboss, until he attempted to open up his head to fix his broken wires. Amazingly, he succeeded, and put his brain back in, half upside down.

Ever since then, he has managed to be at least coherent on good days, alternating with barking mad on bad days. Some boyz say that he even talks different when he’s gone off the deep end, like a different Ork altogether. This earned him his name, Manik Upzindownz.

Years of madness honed his imagination, and he is responsible for Smartyskull’s one Gargant, a massive smoking monstrosity called “Da Gentul Teddy Bear.” Do not ask Manik why; he will shoot you in the kneecaps.

In battle, Manik is rarely seen without his Shokk Attack Gun (on “stable days”) or his souped up Dakkabike 9000 (on less than stable days). He fights for Smartyskull because a half super-ork-brained, half humie-machine-brained hulking warlord who enjoys tea and smashing stuff is the obviouschoice for a leader. He is the only one of Smartyskulls Lieutenants that requires absolutely no bribery.

Often, this forces Smartyskull to put Upzindownz in command of raids he cannot attend, though Smartyskull is often afraid Upzindowns will not follow orders and instead lose it entirely and orate about the beauty of the squighound’s bark for hours on end, as he does bi-weekly at scheduled speeches attended by the bored or stupid.

By Bozeman

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