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Edna, former nurse, current Death Maiden for Razor and the Scumettes

Edna is armed with two Stiletto Swords, and with her poison blood and a Chem Synth, she can put even the beefiest combatant on the ground.

Edna is based on Nurse Edna from Maniac Mansion:

Next, more Eschers!

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Necromunda Downtime Multiplayer Game and Squad Batarian, IVth squad, VIIth Company of the Imperial Fists

This weekend was a blast! Five players (not including myself) participated in a narrative six way multiplayer battle! An Inquisitor bullied the gangs into attacking an underground prison compound. Here was the board setup:

Each player got one of the 5 tiles on the top of this picture, and their goal was to kill a specific model and open the doors in the cells at the bottom. Things began cordially, and then Dan's Cawdor smoked one of Josh's Goliath's with a Krak Grenade arrow and it went downhill from there. Petra's ash waste bug monster rampages through the halls, killing at will. Zach's Palanite Enforcers went up the right side, smashing as they went.

All through this, odd things happened. The "Traitors" that the gangs were supposedly fighting had oddly accurate weaponry, and Matt's gang leader, an unsanctioned psyker, found himself trying to undo warpcraft from somewhere! Further, the target was eliminated by his own plasma pistol exploding and Dan's Cherub found something interesting on the body...

Finally, after two gangs bottled and most fighters were down, the cells were opened, to find the prisoners executed! Oh well, three players got special inquisitorial sanctions for not bottling.

After this, I managed to finish the special antagonists I've been working on: Squad Batarian, IVth Squad, VIIth Company of the Imperial Fists, stationed in the Necromunda Fortress Monastery.

In truth they've been done for a while, but I was waiting on decals. No regular Space Marine sets have black tactical arrows! I had to special order two sheets of Imperial Fist ones.

As you can see above, I did two decals, one over the other. I also added some nifty battle damage and tried to get poses to be as dynamic as I could without repeating.

Marines were sprayed Wraithbone, coated Iyanden Yellow Contrast, and then brought up with yellow and highlighted light yellow. Reds are Blood Angels Contrast. Metals are Boltgun washed with Nuln Oil. I did the bases with black spray, Boltgun, and rust pigment, stippled in places with orange. Cursive names were freehand.

Soon: more gangers and more Necromunda goodness!

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Necromunda Campaign

I've been silent because I haven't had a lot to share, and my site got hacked. (so much for the new servers!) However, I'm breaking silence to show off the leader of my new Necromunda gang: Razor and the Scumettes!

Yes, Razor is based on the punk rock character from Maniac Mansion. The whole gang is themed that way!

Next: more gangers! This site may also be moved to squarespace if I can't stop it from being hacked!

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Techmarine Touch-up and Multi-Melta replacement

As part of my case touchup project, I'm still doing primaris, then firstborn, then repeating, adding custom decals in between.

For my firstborn project, I wanted to do a Contemptor dreadnought, but something more immediate caught my eye.  My old Techmarine with Servo-Harness model was severely damaged in the case and needed a strong paint touch-up.

Additionally, during the Tanksgiving mega-battle, I realized one of my removable Multi-meltas for my Land Raider had been lost!  Thanks to Brian of Dice Abide and Red Wunz Go Fasta, I was able to kitbash a replacement.

Next: Infiltrators!


Primaris Ory-Hara the Silent, Chief Librarian of the Azure Flames

In keeping with my custom of alternating Primaris and Firstborn projects, I have completed a Primaris Librarian that I've had for years but have never used much because of the lack of paint.

Considering the age of the older model for Ory-Hara, I decided that he crossed the Rubicon Primaris.


Next: my Techmarine in Full Servo Harness was severely damaged recently, so he's getting a touch up.


8th Squad 3rd Compant Assault Marines touchup!

Touchup complete!  Next: Primaris Librarian!


Tanksgiving 2021 at AFK!

Tis the season to donate to local charities, and owner Dan of AFK has a heart bigger than his newly resized store!  A yearly event, Tanksgiving is a 40K game where only tanks and monsters are allowed (with exceptions).  Players can place any vehicles for one item of canned food or $1 per 10 power level.

Additionally, any model removed as a casualty can be set up as an oncoming reserve for one item of canned food or $1 per 10 power level.

Each player started with 3 CP (even if Unbound) and received 1 CP each command phase.  At any time, 1 CP could be purchased for one canned good or $1.

All food and money would be donated to the local food bank for Thanksgiving.

It's a big fight!  With TITANS! THAT SUCK KIND OF!

Turns were taken as follows: One side got their Command and Movement Phases, then the other.  One side took a shooting phase, and damage was recorded but not applied.  The other side took a shooting phase, and then all damage was applied.  Finally, one side charged and fought but damage was not applied, then the other side charged and fought and all damage was applied.  If applicable, all sides took morale simultaneously.  This gets rid of the problem that Apocalypse games always have: whoever goes first blows the other side off the table.

The entire complement of vehicles of the Azure Flames, raring to go!

Other Forces were ready to fight as well!

The Azure Flames set up supporting the Reaver and Warhound against the Warlord.

The leftmost boards were saturated with Tyranids.  Despite being Tanksgiving, the 'Nids brought infantry.  They were literally pushed around in piles.

One of the crowning moments of the game; a Drop Pod fell to block a charge lane.  An enemy Knight charged it... and WHIFFED!  This delayed the charge another turn.

After it was unceremoniously blown off the table, I dropped $15 and resurrected the Reaver.

Long time contributor to Fourstrands, Rob, brought his Ultramarines on turn 2, complete with the Lord of the Imperium himself: Roboute Gulliman!  He turned the Azure Flames tank column and the Reaver from a threat to a powerhouse!

Opposite the Tyranids was another Reaver, an Imperial Guard 7th Edition Air Wing, and some Tau.  The Nids chewed them all up.

Sadly, I had to leave before the end, but the REAL winner was the local food bank!  People were spending money like crazy!  It was extremely fun!


Industrial Terrain 2000 Points with Terminators

When Zach and I arrived at AFK Games, someone had set up some very industrial terrain for a demo of a new MDF terrain system.

We couldn't resist and decided to play a game on it.

So, naturally, I took a list with 42 models in Terminator Armor.

In the end, we tied 67 to 67!  It was an amazing game!



50 Power Casual Team Tournament

This weekend past, I participated in a Team Tournament at AFK games.  Each player got a 50 power list, and was paired with a random player versus two other players.  Secondaries could only be chosen from the Grand Tournament book, and could not be chosen from codexes.

Here's my list:

  • Patrol
    • Librarian, Force Sword, Plasma Pistol, The Tome of Vel'cona, Flaming Blast, Fire Shield, Drakeskin, Warlord, Lord of Fire
    • Tactical Squad x5, Chainsword, Combi-Plasma, Multi-melta
    • Aggressors x3, Flamestorm Gauntlets
    • Ironclad Dreadnought, Chainfist, Meltagun, Hurricane Bolter, Ironclad Launchers, 2x Hunter Killer Missile
    • Bike Squad x3, Power Fist, 2x Meltagun, Attack Bike, Multi-melta
    • Eradicator Squad x3, Melta Rifles

Winning earned you an additional ticket, but just playing and showing up on time earned so many more that most people were on equal footing.  Tickets could be spent on raffles for door prizes.

Game 1 - The Scouring

Bozeman (Salamanders) and David (Dark Angels) vs. Andrew S. (Sons of Bile) and Chris (Nihilakh Necrons)

Chris and I had one of the worst first turns I've ever had.  Rolls were terrible.  After that we did not really recover, but the battle was extremely bloody.  Due to time limits, we only made it to turn 3.  Had the game gone on longer we may have had a chance due to extreme losses on the other side.  The stars were the Nihilakh Necrons, who scored LOADS of points because all of their units have Objective Secured!

Game 2 - Scorched Earth

Bozeman (Salamanders) and Andrew M. (Sororitas - Sacred Rose) vs. Andrew (Space Wolves) and David (Dark Angels)

Aggressive first turn moves allowed me and Andrew to set the pace of the battle.  Deep Strike attacks from Saint Celestine and Ephrael Stern take vital objectives and cause chaos.  Except for a near invincible Space Wolves Dreadnought, most enemies go down for a win.

Game 3 - Sweep and Clear

Bozeman (Salamanders) and Andrew S. (Sons of Bile) vs. Jesse (Legio Metallica Mechanicus AND Thousand Sons)

Jesse was the Ringer for this tournament, and brought SIX different lists and rolled randomly each time.  Due to an imbalance of players, Jesse took TWO of his lists against us!

Andrew's teleporting Terminators brought some needed pressure, cutting off Ahriman's push to the right side of the board.  We took a lot of extremely mobile fire from Mechanicus walkers that can advance and shoot.  However, by the end, we managed to wear down Jesse's armies and score a great deal of points.


I won 5 tickets for showing up on time, with printed lists, and not needing anything from an AFK employee.  Two wins one loss gave me 5 more.  I used these to win a really nice paintbrush and a pot of Black Templar contrast paint.

It was a really great time!  I bought everyone drinks and my feet were in incredible pain!

Next: some updates for Assault Marines and more Primaris units, plus hopefully Orks?


New Host, hackers defeated, and Suppressors complete!

I've been absent for a while, party due to personal issues, but also partly due to filthy hackers!  Fourstrands was locked.  Not for ransom, but for some sort of information hosting against my will.  It probably wasn't porn, and if it was, the bastards didn't offer to share it.

Regardless, thanks to the tireless efforts of Lexington, who understands the ways of the lightning boxes, Fourstrands is back under Dreamhost!

And none too soon!  I have a squad of Space Marine Suppressors to add to my collection!



You'll notice that I haven't used any of those dreadful new flying stands.  I instead used a pin vise to drill into the thigh areas of the models, and used an old fashioned flying base stand.

I began painting these with Lexington when I went to visit, and finished them up at a paint night at AFK games.

Next: a revamp of an Assault Squad!  Plus, various repairs to the site.

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